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If you have just started to look at jewelry stores for your sapphire engagement ring in Florida, I am sure you may have noticed that the selection from carat weight, color & overall design is extremely limited.

A lot of the time, this forces people to branch out online in search of a wider selection. But as we all know, buying online is not the same as buying an engagement ring in person. After all.  The internet is a vast unregulated marketplace, and while there are some good jewelers selling genuine sapphire rings, most of them are selling synthetic sapphires or sapphires which have been enhanced through treatments such a surface or deep diffusion.

If you don’t understand how to tell the difference between a genuine sapphire or a sapphire which has been either enhanced by man or created in a laboratory its not your fault in fact it can be extremely difficult even for an experienced gemologist!


Over the years I have seen many sapphires and rubies bought by some of our customers from a reputable jeweler when we tested some of these sapphires through our GIA G. G gemologist we discovered that the sapphire bought is not what would be classed as untreated sapphire or sapphire with natural heat  (These are the only two sapphires where a sapphire can be called natural)  but the sapphire in most cases has been enhanced by a lab. I not saying that the jeweler who sold the sapphire originally did so knowing this, the only sure way you can know for sure is through a laboratory such as the GIA or AGL here in the US. I even had a few sapphires which turned out not to be a sapphire at all, some spinel along with tourmalines which are not only a different species of gemstone but carry a much lower value.

No matter where you are in the world I would always ask for a GIA report the GIA has laboratories in 13 different countries, almost all jewelers have access to having a report from the GIA completed for you on your chosen sapphire wedding ring and the cost for the report compared to your new engagement ring is not high with prices for $120.00 to just over $500.00.

To look at the best labs here in the US as well around the world we have created a list with information on each laboratory that can carry out your report for your chosen natural sapphire ring.

GIA sapphire report with origin along with an AGL report




Above we show a GIA sapphire report with origin along with an AGL report for the same sapphire so you can see the reports side by side.

As much as 70% upwards of all sapphire sold today as natural have been enhanced, either chemically or with extreme heat using very low-grade conundrum (sapphire) with little value to no real value and with many jewelers being unaware of these treatments. The price difference for these chemically enhanced or diffusion sapphires is enormous. For example, a diffused oval cut blue sapphire approximately 3 carats is around $50.00 per carat, whereas a natural gentle heat only natural sapphire can cost well over $3500 per carat depending on the color, with prices rising quickly as the weight goes up.

So then, if you can’t trust online retailers and can’t find what you want in-store, what should you do? It sounds like quite a dilemma, doesn’t it? We can understand that you’re probably getting frustrated by now. Don’t worry, as the Sapphire Ring Company, with its main office located in Tampa Bay, carries a plethora range of ready to ship natural sapphire rings. To start with, we have over 120 blue sapphire engagement rings in stock, in addition to the huge selection of pink, yellow & even some fancy color change sapphires, all set mostly into platinum rings custom designed by us for each Ceylon Sapphire. And let’s not forget that each of our sapphire rings is accompanied by a GIA report for your complete peace of mind.   Blue-sapphire-platinum-engagement-ring


Here is a link to verify a sapphire report though the GIA.

Who is Sapphire Ring Company?

Sapphire Ring Co is the fastest-growing natural sapphire jewelry company in the US. We are based in the Tampa Bay area of Florida followed by the second US office opened in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii opened in April 2015. With offices, one in the Sri Lankan capital of Colombo, and another in Beruwala about 2 hour drive east, we source our selection of the finest natural Ceylon Sapphires to be found anywhere in the world today with assistance from one of the top gem brokers working with us full time along with frequent trips their every year.

This ensures that only the best sapphires go from the mine to your ring at wholesale prices. We aim to carry the best inventory of only the finest genuine Sapphires supported by our full-time gem brokers in Sri Lanka. We are dedicated to offering the highest quality of service to each customer whether you are looking for an existing custom sapphire ring or wish to work with us on creating a new engagement ring of your choice.

Looking through our inventory you will see we are one of the very few jewelry companies who predominantly use platinum 950 for our sapphires along with a huge selection of designs and set with the finest diamonds, with our most famous ring being our “Signature Ring” along with our 3 stone sapphire rings which come with GIA diamond reports.3-stone-sapphire-ring

Above one of our 3 Stone Sapphire Engagement Rings – Both the sapphire & diamonds have GIA reports, set with 5.07 ct Ceylon sapphire with 2 F VVS Radiant cut diamonds.

Where to buy your Sapphire Rings?

No matter if you are looking to buy your sapphire ring in-person or online, Sapphire Rings Co offers one of the widest choices of natural and independently certified sapphires by the GIA. We are a “one-stop” store for customers to either select or build their perfect sapphire ring. Our store is unique with both pictures and full videos under natural daylight and fluorescent lighting, and we also try to carry as much educational material & information on the “world of colored Sapphire gemstones” to help in your understanding and appreciation of what makes a Natural Sapphire such a wonderful stone. Sapphire Rings Co will NOT sell sapphires that have been exposed to extreme heat, are chemically enhanced or diffused. All of our sapphires are earth mined genuine natural sapphire and ruby stones.

What separates us from everyone else out there is that all the pictures that you see on our website are real. No photoshopping or stock images used. What you see is the ring you will receive and once sold our rings are archived. And of course, you can try on everything in person before placing your order. Even after the purchase is complete, rest assured that you are backed by our no questions asked return policy with Free pre-paid return FedEx shipping. Just pack it up and send it back and we will refund your money within days of receiving the package. We are also happy to send live videos of any one of our custom sapphire rings to your phone, iPad, or computer, on a hand or under natural light.

We understand that not all of our customers will be able to meet with us in person, we also understand buying online is difficult, so we set up to share as much about the selection of sapphires or sapphires rings you looking at and share as much of this as we can with you making a difficult decision easier.


Platinum Sapphire Engagement Ring

How do I start?

We are happy to meet with all of our customers whether you reside in Florida or you would like to fly in, we have meet with customers from Orlando to Tampa International airport. Because of safety reasons, all of our natural sapphire rings & sapphire wedding bands are locked in a bank vault, but don’t worry if you can give us just a days’ notice, we can pull a selection of rings and meet to view some of the rarest Ceylon sapphire rings all custom made using the highest quality diamonds, our selection is unmatched.


view 100’s natural sapphire engagement rings can start with just a click

How do I reach you?

We are open 24 hours all 7 days of the week, so please contact us at any time with any questions. We are always very happy to hear from you and we will try to help in any way we can, from the smallest of questions to full information on our natural sapphire ring’s, we are one of the only companies to offer conflict-free sapphires supported with full GIA reports and with a fully independent appraisal by a GIA-certified gemologist.

Please call us at 727 797 0007 or if you prefer by text or WhatsApp 727 804 6758.

For customers who want to reach us by email or send us a design, you like you can reach us through our contact page at


Blue Ceylon Sapphire classic oval cut, 3.56 ct Untreated GIA Certified.

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