Buying White Sapphires Engagement Rings

corundum -collection-of-white-natural-sapphires
Buying White Sapphire Engagement Rings.

So what is a White Sapphire ?

White Sapphires are natural sapphires with no color also known as colorless sapphires. the first white sapphire I bought was an anniversary gift for my wife. About 15 years ago after several years of looking for a perfect white sapphire.I was able to source a perfect gem just over 4 carats in weight in an emerald cut. Our jeweler created a custom made white gold & diamond ring at the time with a double halo of diamonds with a diamond split shank.

This was some time ago and it wasn’t until.we were on one of our many business trips to Sri Lanka. In 2013 did both myself & my wife go out to search for these colorless natural sapphires. since then we have managed to source some of the very best colorless white Sapphire. Almost all untreated & GIA Certified.

Finding natural white sapphires is not an easy as one might think especially for sapphires over 2.00 cts. The market is saturated with almost white sapphires that carry off white with light secondary colors. Many stones with a hint of blues, yellows, pinks, purples but finding a true white sapphire. which is colorless or near-colorless same as a diamond are hard to find.

Since then & over time we have become experts in finding and buying only the very best and purest white sapphires from Sri Lanka.

You will see in our website a section of hand-picked white sapphires for sale both loose and set all GIA certified with the grading as colorless or near-colorless on the GIA report.

The GIA gemstone grading for a white sapphire should be W for white and 0 of tone and 0 for saturation. ( example GIA W 0/0 ). I have seen companies grade sapphires as A to AAA which has no meaning or grading at all and inaccurate.

All gemstones regardless of color are grading for their Hue. Tone & Saturation for all gemstones which are colorless regardless of species should have no tone or saturation on the gemology appraisal or report.

For more information on the GIA gemstone grading visit our page of the GIA gemstone gradin. @


Rough off white sapphire crystal is known as

corundum -collection-of-white-natural-sapphires

Corundum  Collection of white Natural Sapphires

How Were White Sapphire Formed?

White Sapphires were formed in exactly the same way as blue sapphire. with the deposits in Sri Lanka (Ceylon) created approximately.50-120 million years ago many miles below the earth’s surface. Only over time does this gem bearing ground gradually get pushed closer to the surface were small mines operate today.

With all sapphires. the color of each stone is based on what impurities are present when the gems form.

For a white sapphire or colorless sapphire. there would have to be no impurities present creating a pure white or clear sapphire. not only rarer than a blue sapphire but rarer than a diamond.

We do see a lot of natural sapphires. almost white but because of small trace elements present at the time when they formed you can see slight secondary colors & reinforces how rare a white sapphires are.

Rough Sapphire with light secondary colors from Sri Lanka

Why Choose White Sapphire Ring.

Despite the fact that white sapphires are rarely seen and much rarer than the traditional. blue sapphires their prices today are less than almost any color sapphire except green sapphires. This is purely based on demand and as white sapphire engagement rings gain in popularity you might start to see these prices change.

Like any natural gemstone prices based on availability and demand making a white sapphire ring. today a good option to consider & with these colorless sapphires being rarer than almost any of color sapphire or diamond prices for this rare gems will only increase as the demand for this colorless gems keeps increasing.

4.12 ct Untreated White Sapphire Platinum Ring

           4.50ct Untreated White Sapphire Platinum Ring

Are white Sapphires durable?

White sapphires are extremely durable. in fact, the only gemstone harder is a diamond. with a sapphire harness at a 9 on Mohs hardness scale with a diamond at 10, making the diamond. The only stone hard enough to mark a sapphire.

Even though a diamond is harder than a sapphire cleavage or cracking point is, in fact, stronger than a diamond making sapphires one of if not the best gemstone for both engagement rings and anniversary gifts.

You only have to look back through history to see sapphires set into jewelry. Made in some cases many hundreds of years ago for royal families across Europe which are still worn today without a single mark.

4.50 ct Untreated White Sapphire Engagement Ring & Same Platinum Sapphire Ring On The Hand

Does a white sapphire sparkle as much as a diamond.

All gemstone from diamonds to sapphires have what’s called a refractive index. Gemologist uses this to be able to tell what one gemstone is to the next. To make this a little simple it merely is a tool to see how light travels through a gemstone. from this best gemologist with the right equipment can identify one gem species to the next.

A diamond has the highest reflective index. the light travels through a diamond or a good quality. Diamond faster and brighter making this gem out sparkle any other gemstone.

A sapphire reflective index is the same no matter.what color the sapphire is I always explain. this to our customer using a 100w light bulb as an example. when light travels through a diamond it comes out at 100w we’re as with a sapphire the same light comes out 90w with a slightly lower refractive index.

Even though a white sapphire might not have the same sparkle. like a diamond, the brilliance of a pure colorless or near-colorless white sapphire is still hard to beat and if the sapphire has a good cut & polish a white sapphire engagement ring is extremely hard to compete with especially when you compare prices for a 3.00 ct diamond engagement ring compared to the same carat weight for a natural white sapphire ring.

3.03 ct Cushion Cut Platinum Sapphire Ring With Two Blue Sapphire Set Each Side

 3.03 ct Cushion Cut Platinum Sapphire Ring With Two Blue Sapphire Set Each Side

Prices of white Sapphires.

Prices for natural white sapphire today are very good and much less than diamond allowing you to choose a sapphire with a much higher carat weight than the diamond.

A typical 3 ct white natural sapphire set into a custom diamond ring could be bought for around $4,000 or less depending on your chosen setting we’re as this same budget applied to a diamond engagement ring would probably allow for a good quality diamond G in color with VS clarity just under 1 ct making the sapphire here a tempting option.

What should I ask if I look at a Natural White Sapphire Ring?

The answer to this has always been the same & important part of the sale, gemology report from a recognized laboratory for the sapphire ideally from the GIA or AGL, having a gemology report for any sapphire or diamond is essential & with most good jewelers they should be happy to provide this.
Even though we fly to Sri Lanka frequently throughout each year hand-picking our own sapphires from both the mines and markets you will see both a GIA report for each sapphire or sapphire ring along with a GIA gemologist appraisal for grading & is an essential part of any engagement ring sale especially when you spend thousands of dollars on what will probably be your most important piece of jewelry you will buy.
AGL laboratory  @
GIA White Sapphire Report - Essential When Buying Any Sapphire Or Diamond !

GIA White Sapphire Report-Essential When Buying Any Sapphire Or Diamond !

What About Synthetic white sapphires.

You can see synthetic white sapphires, even though these sapphires are chemically identical to a natural sapphire they are formed in most cases in a laboratory taking out the romance of owning such a rare natural stone. I have read on other posts that a synthetic white sapphire is not a durable than its natural counterpart, this is simply not true both are chemically exactly the same with the same hardness on Mohs scale at a 9.
Today synthetic white sapphire production is mainly aimed at producing watch faces for high-quality watches however there are laboratories in Thailand which do make synthetic white sapphire faceted stones and sell this as real mined gemstones & why having a laboratory report from the GIA so important.
2.14 ct Untreated White Sapphire Ring
Loose White Natural Sapphire

Loose White Natural Sapphire

I hope this article into white Sapphires has been of some
help, if you have any questions please contact us at any time, we have experienced employees ready to answer any questions or concerns you have. @.  727 797 0007 – 24/7.
Documentation you will receive with any purchase of one of our natural Sapphire Rings.
Documentation you will receive with any purchase of one of our natural Sapphire Rings.
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