Custom Sapphire Wedding Bands

The popularity of platinum sapphire wedding bands has continued to grow in leaps and bounds over the last 5 years with no sign of slowing down, with more and more people who are looking for custom wedding bands unique to themselves has made the sapphire wedding band one of the most sought after rings in the jewelry market today.

Sapphire rings defy conventional and traditional plain diamond bands, they stand out as favorable alternative to ordinary diamond ring. Here we go over what is available in finished rings and custom sapphire bands with just sapphires or a mix of sapphires with diamonds coupled with choices in metals from platinum to Rose gold, White and of course yellow versus Diamonds

Diamond wedding bands offer a clean classic look with many options on designs from the eternity band to bezel set rings in a variety of alloys from gold to platinum, with diamonds even though you do get the sparkle you will end up losing the color.

If you are looking at adding color to your wedding band then sapphires are the best choice, with the durability of a sapphire higher than any other gemstone they will not only last for generations they will give your wedding band the color a diamond cannot. Natural sapphires are not only available in a variety of cuts but more importantly a variety of colors with blue being the most favored hue, we have also seen many of our customers opting for yellow and pink sapphire wedding bands with most mixed with diamonds to balance out the final ring design.

Below we show off one of our unique Custom Sapphire Wedding Bands finished in platinum and set with vivid blue natural sapphires set in a row across the band instead of down the shank.

Factors to consider when looking for a Sapphire Platinum Wedding Band

Setting Style

Multitone, three-stone, solitaire, bezel, antique and split shank are some of the most common setting styles. The solitaire style is particularly popular because it accommodates a wide variety of cuts.


The ring can be round, oval, pear, emerald-cut or heart shaped and even princess cut sapphires & diamonds.


Sapphires are famous for their blue hue which can range from a deep royal blue always the way down to a baby blue hue but they are also available in what we call fancy sapphires, which range from Pinks, Yellows, Purples, White, and Red (ruby) with many colors in between.

Below we show off Custom Natural Sapphire & Diamond Wedding Bands in a variety of colors finished in antique design in platinum 950

sapphire and diamond wedding bands in platinum



The price for a natural sapphire wedding band can start around $1,000.00, this can vary depending on both your choice of gold, from 10kt all the way up to platinum along with the carat weight of both sapphires and diamonds will all affect the end price with our average platinum custom band set with a mix of natural sapphire and diamonds runs just under $2,000.00.

Below I’ve added one of our more popular custom wedding bands set with just over 0.75 carts of sapphires and diamonds bezel set in platinum 950. What sets our rings apart from the rest, not only do we set only natural sapphires, we also set the sapphires and diamonds to cover over 70% of the ring band custom made by our own jeweler.

Below we show a cross section of this ring design and sapphire placement.  platinum-sapphire-wedding-band          custom-sapphire-band

Natural and synthetic sapphires

Most all sapphire wedding bands are set with synthetic sapphires or sapphires were the color has been chemically enhanced, this is many due to A, the supply of natural sapphires being limited and hard to find and B, finding natural sapphires in the quantity most large manufacturers need is extremely hard to find. Always ask the jewelry store if the sapphires set are true natural gemstones.

With us custom making each ring by hand coupled with our own office in Sri Lanka has allowed us to accumulate a very good selection of natural sapphires over the years creating exquisite wedding band designs, all for sale at wholesale prices or less.

Metal combination

As noted earlier, sapphire can be combined with several metals to make great wedding rings. In our case, a combination of platinum and sapphire encapsulates beauty and class with most of our rings today made in platinum 950. With all of our rings being custom made we can of course make your dream sapphire diamond band in 14, or 18 kt gold from white to rose, our jewelers can create almost any design for you.

Below one of our more unique diamond and sapphire bands finished in 18kt white gold.diamond-sapphire-band

The perfect sapphire wedding band is finally here

Our newest creation is a platinum wedding or anniversary band set with 70 round cut natural blue sapphires with a weight 0.83 carats & 68 round brilliant cut diamonds of color G and clarity VS-1 VS-2. The metal used for the band is made from platinum 950. This custom sapphire and diamond band’s total gemstone weight is 1.44 tcw. The total ring weight of 8.90 grams.

This Sapphire & Diamond band has been fully & independently certified by a GIA G. G Gemologist. GIA Color grade for blue sapphires: B 5/5 – Vivid blue. For your complete peace of mind before purchasing, you can see the full HD video & the stone’s GIA appraisal report, along with all the pictures. This stunning blue sapphire wedding band is an original design by our expert jeweler. The natural round-cut blue sapphires set in rows & accented by diamonds give this custom wedding band a beautiful look, feel and finish. This is one of many new custom bands we have for sale all handmade by our jewelers, giving you the choice to make your dream ring a reality.


We offer a free custom design service for all of our natural sapphire rings, if you have a design in mind or have seen a design you would like please contact us at 727 797 0007 with any questions or requests.

We are open 7 days a week with experienced customer support available 24 hours a day.

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You can also contact us via email and upload any design through our custom service design service.


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