How to plan your wedding in 2020 to 2021

The lockdown has turned many plans upside down, and weddings are no different. But do you know you can actually use all the time you have now to make better plans for the most important day of your life. Here are a few ideas on how to get started.


With so many vendors being postponed due to the COVID-19, their calendars are being re-scheduled way more in advance than ever before so now is the time to book your 2021 (and beyond!) vendors.
If you are looking for a photographer, then this is the time to browse through websites. You can request for full galleries and set up Skype calls to discuss more while we’re all at

I would also recommend looking at websites like The Knot who are full of ideas, some you may like some you may not but its a great way to get ideas without spending a fortune on wedding magazines. We have added a link below to start you off on one of the US premier websites.


Spend this lock downtime wisely and really consider your accessories and style for the big day! The ladies have more time to define their bridal look, contacting stylists and jewelry makers for professional advice, and customizing details.

Even though diamonds have become popular since the 1920’s we are seeing a big increase with customers looking for custom sapphire jewelry over the last 4-5 years in both natural sapphire engagement rings and matching sapphire & diamond wedding bands custom made to each customers tastes with a wide selection of colors available you can see why this gemstone has become No 1 choice today for brides and grooms.natural-sapphire-jewerly


If you’ve been affected by the lockdown and have postponed your wedding, it’s highly likely your Spring wedding may now be a Fall event. Think about the floral’s available to you in your new season and the food choices from your caterer.


This time should not only be about prepping for your wedding day. What about the next 60 years? Take this time to focus on strengthening the foundation of your marriage by defining your common values, diving deep into “have I ever told you ” conversations and creating a bucket list of places you will go and things you will like to experience together in the next several years and even decades, its an important part of the life you will both share together.

Making these plans today might not feel so important but I promise you as your time fly’s by together looking back on this as a time-capsule of dreams and promises is something you will cherish.



The couples due to get married in 2020 and thinking of having to postpone should seriously get an option on 2021 dates since half of the weddings are rescheduling now for next year. This is also a good time to think of your honeymoon with prices today of packages you can find some amazing deals for last quarter of 2020 going into early 2021 on some of the larger websites like Travelocity. I added a link below so you can browse some of the dream honeymoons available for this period with large savings.

How to plan your wedding in 2020 to 2021


The travel industry has been severely affected by the pandemic and many of your out-of-town guests who you’d thought of including on your guest list might not be able to travel for the next couple of months and could very well be prevented from attending if you still aiming for a wedding in mid-2020.

Now is the time to trim your guest list and make all the hard decisions as to who gets invited and who does not. It’s also the perfect time to reassess how big you actually want your wedding to be.

Even though the wedding day is going to be one if not the most important day in your life, from been married for nearly 20 years I always say the time you can take off for your honeymoon is just as important when you look back, if its possible see how much vacation time you can take – you will never regret it!


Now is a great time to decide on your final wedding theme. Is it rustic, chic, elegant, or whimsical? By narrowing down exactly the type of style and theme you’ll like will help, and you can go about setting up a budget that you’ll keep to. This will save you time, money, and stress in the long run.



Couples at home should take advantage of the wide array of online registry options available. From adventure experiences to online registry websites, you’ll be glad you’ve ticked this task off your list once lockdown is over.


Now is a great time to discuss what your future husband will be wearing on the day. Now that you’ve decided on the theme you can get him pinning looks to his own Pinterest board. Plus, you’ll have many hours in which to persuade him to your way of thinking.


If you’ve only recently just got engaged and don’t know where to start with your planning, take a look at wedding inspirations online.
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