Is a white Sapphire Ring Better Than a Diamond Engagement Ring?

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What is a white sapphire? Untreated White Sapphire Ring

White sapphire is a colorless sapphire. White sapphires are often used as a diamond substitute thanks to their lack of color and lower price than diamonds. From a color and cut perspective, a sapphire ring offers a similar look to the diamond ring with a few small compromises and some upgrades as you will read here.

What’s the difference between a white sapphire engagement ring & diamond?

Both white sapphire & diamonds are rare colorless gemstone, a diamond carries a higher reflective index which gives off more sparkle but a well cut natural near colorless or colorless sapphire is a great alternative especially when you consider the size of sapphire you would be able to upgrade to, say a 1.00 ct diamond ring.
With natural sapphires carrying a much higher cleavage or breaking point than a diamond, making white sapphire an excellent alternative to the traditional diamond.
In our store you will see a selection of untreated white sapphire rings which are all GIA certified, finding natural white sapphire is much harder than one would think, over the years with frequent trips to Sri Lanka each year we have managed to put together a collection of both white sapphire engagement rings as well as some untreated loose white sapphire for the customer who is looking at creating a full custom piece of jewelry.
We offer a free design service supported by our CAD designer were we can create your dream Bespoke ring set with an infinitive selection of diamonds set into either 18kt gold or platinum our master jeweler will be able to create your masterpiece for your bride to be.

What’s a better investment?

White sapphire is about 1000 times rarer than a diamond, making it extremely unique without the premium price. This means that for the same price as a 1-carat diamond ring, you can have a much bigger stone for your engagement ring.

I would add that when buying any jewelry, even certified diamonds or natural sapphire engagement ring its never a good idea to look at your purchase as an investment, even though many jewelry stores might market this in my experience the value is based on what another person is willing to pay however over decades your engagement ring is a symbol of love between two people making your ring priceless.

At Sapphire Ring Company all of our loose natural sapphires and custom sapphire rings are always for sale at wholesale prices or less due to buying in person from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) with many trips throughout each year cuts out the middlemen with many of our customers been other jewelers looking for 100% real natural mined sapphires all supported with a GIA report.

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Will a white sapphire be as durable as a diamond?

Yes, a diamond is a 10 on Mohs hardness scale with sapphire being a 9. Mohs hardness scale refers to scratch resistance, so if you choose a Sapphire, only another diamond would be able to leave a mark on it. That said, there is one area where sapphire is even more durable than diamond and that is its cleavage. Cleavage is how easy a gemstone can be chipped or cracked. As the years pass, cleavage is much more important to consider than hardness for wear & tear.  At the Sapphire Ring Company, we are so confident with the durability of sapphire, we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our sapphire engagement rings!!


           What’s best for me?

white sapphire engagement ringThis really comes down to the personal preference of your future fiancé.  If you opt for a white sapphire engagement ring over the diamond, you will be able to choose a much larger stone. With the average budget in the USA running just over $5,000.00, you are looking at a nice diamond ring at just over 1 carat, typically set in a 14-karat gold ring.

If you’re leaning more towards a white sapphire ring, for the same price you be looking at a stone around 3 CTs, set into platinum or an 18-karat gold ring. The same size diamond ring would cost over $25,000.00 upwards.

If you have been looking or considering a white sapphire ring for an engagement, this would be it. Set with a 2.07 carat natural white sapphire in a long princess cut and graded by the GIA as near colorless,our jeweler has custom made this stunning 18kt white gold ring set with long baguette cut diamonds set upwards on the ring shank as well as one single diamond set long ways at the top setting off the ring perfectly.white-sapphire-engagement-ring

To compare this to a diamond engagement ring, for the same price, you would be looking at a diamond at under 1.00 carats set into a mass produced 10 karat gold ring.

Before making a decision please take a look at our selection on white sapphire engagement rings all custom made by our jeweler and all set into gold or platinum rings at

For more information, you can contact us at 727-797-0007. We are open 7 days a week with experienced customer service & gemologists to answer any questions or concerns you have.

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