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New Year’s Sparkle:The Emerald Cut Sapphire Romance

Emerald Cut Sapphire

In the heart of a bustling city, excitement filled the air. Colorful lights twinkled like stars, and laughter echoed in the streets. One week into the New Year, the festive excitement still lingered in the air, a reminder of the night when the sky was ablaze with fireworks and the streets were alive with celebration.Read More

What Are the Reasons Brides Are Opting for Sapphire Over Diamond?

Brides Are Opting Sapphires in different colors and cut

Introduction When we think of wedding rings, diamonds usually come to mind. But guess what? Many brides are now choosing sapphire rings! Sapphirerings.org offers a beautiful array of these gems in various colors and shapes. Let’s dive into why sapphires are becoming the go-to choice for modern brides.   A Little History Sapphires have beenRead More

Guide to Sapphires Grading: Color, Clarity, and Cut

Guide to Sapphires Grading: Color, Clarity, and Cut | Sapphires.org

Grading Natural Sapphires. Unlike diamonds which rely on no color for their value, sapphires along with almost all gemstones are graded and valued on color. I read a few articles and blogs which try to sell the AAA down to B as a way to not only grade a sapphire but also create its value?Read More