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The vibrant coloring of royal blue sapphires has a depth and appearance unlike any other precious gemstone. When it comes to engagement rings, a stunning combination of sapphire and diamonds highlights the best features of each beautiful gemstone. If you were after some of the most enchanting engagement ring designs, Sapphire Ring Co offers one of the most exclusive and widest selections to choose from, all natural mined sapphires which come with GIA reports which is essential when buying any sapphire or sapphire ring.

1.  No 1 Selling Sapphire “Emerald Cut”

The emerald cut sapphire not only out sells all other cuts over 2019 its also one of the rarest cuts to find, on our last trips to Sri Lanka (Ceylon) towards the end of 2019 after seeing thousands of natural sapphires in a variety of colors and cuts we bought a total of 54 natural Ceylon sapphires from 2.00 cts to 8.50cts, out of the 54 gems only 8 were Emerald and Asscher cuts, once these sapphires were set into custom platinum rings all 8 were sold in the first 3 weeks.

The emerald cut sapphire is one of the hardest cuts to find, this is partly due to the waste in rough corundum when one of these cuts is chosen over say, an oval or cushion cut sapphire along with needing a sapphire with very good clarity and consistent color with little to no zoning. The open table of this cut acts as a mirror when looking into the stone highlighting and magnifying any small inclusion, for these reasons most miners choose other cuts over an emerald or square cut sapphire which will yield a higher carat weight for them along with a sapphire which shows off better clarity.

This is why both the emerald cut and asscher cut sapphire demands much higher price per carat in the markets and mines, sometimes as much as 3 times the price per carat for a blue sapphire with good clarity and color.
Below one of most popular custom-made platinum sapphire rings for 2019 set with emerald cut
sapphire flanked with two large baguette cut diamonds each side as well as 4 large round brilliant cut diamonds – another custom ring unique to Sapphire Ring Co.

Below 3.09 ct Emerald Cut Sapphire Engagement Ring, GIA Certified



2. Cushion Cut Sapphires

A beautiful design one of the most popular cuts. This ring features a center sapphire in a cushion cut set with four-claw prong setting. Moreover, its joined by two cushion cut diamonds also set in four claw prongs and combined with the platinum 950 creates this timeless sapphire engagement ring design, this piece is both a classic and sophisticated design at its best.

The cushion cut sapphires look at home, whether you opt for traditional 3 stone ring shown below or wish for a modern halo design we have a large selection of designs with this poplar cushion cut.
Just a note that cushion cuts can be found in square cuts as well as long cushion cuts giving customers a wider selection of rings design to choose from.

Above Classic 3 stone Cushion cut Sapphire Ring set with 2 Cushion cut Diamonds all GIA Certified.

3. Oval Cut Sapphire Ring Designs

Absolutely radiant, an oval cut sapphire has been one of the most sought-after cuts for all gemstones with sapphires being no exception. Above all, this cut dates back thousands of years. As cutting techniques improve the faceted oval cut sapphire you see today was created with every stone having its own unique mixed cut which is dictated on how the rough stone was formed millions of years ago.

The oval cut sapphire most famous setting is of course Princess Diana engagement ring now worn today by Kate Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge) set with a halo of large round brilliant cut diamonds, with oval sapphires cut there is a huge diversity of diamond ring designs to choose from in our store you can browse both the engagement ring pages along with our “Archive” pages to see 100’s custom sapphire ring design to choose from with each ring handmade for each gem.

Below is an untreated oval cut sapphire set with both round brilliant cut diamonds &  baguette cut diamonds to show off just one of the hundreds of designs for this most famous cut.

Below 3.28 ct Untreated Oval Cut Sapphire Ring, GIA Certified


4. Sapphire and Diamond Halo

This stunning royal blue sapphire is encircled by individually claw prongs set white brilliant diamonds, inspired by the rays of a dazzling sun they reach out from this natural gemstone. The vibrant color of this sapphire ring makes it an eye-catching piece with timeless glamour and an unusual and striking appearance. If you’re looking for a sapphire and diamond ring to leave you in awe, this is the design for you.
This classic sapphire engagement ring set with a halo of large 3.00 mm round brilliant cut diamonds all finished in platinum 950 custom made for this one

Above 3.60 ct Ceylon Sapphire Engagement Ring GIA Certified

5. Vintage Sapphire Engagement Ring designs

A vintage-inspired design that would suit any bride, this sapphire engagement ring is an absolute classic.Set in platinum 950, set with either an oval or cushion cut sapphire is both elegant and classic look.

A single halo surrounds the center stone, joined by a four prong setting only further enhancing the ring, delicate milgrain details surround the ring and the raised sapphire housing allows for a sapphire band to sit neatly next to this ring making this one of our more popular antique sapphire engagement rings custom made for each natural sapphire.

Below Antique Sapphire Engagement Ring set with 3.49 ct Ceylon Blue Cushion Cut Sapphire

Side view showing off the handscroll design.


6. Sea of Blue, Platinum Sapphire Wedding Rings

Be immersed in a sea of Blue with these breathtaking Sapphire and Diamond rings. Fit for a Queen, the vivid hues in these sapphires radiate romance, wisdom and royalty. Delicately encased by round brilliant diamonds individually set by hand with four claw set prongs. This Vivid blue sapphire engagement ring can be worn for any occasion.


7. Sapphire and Diamond Pave Split Band

This design will have you feeling like royalty. Above all, this sapphire and diamond ring is a true statement of elegance with its striking appearance and balanced design. Highlight the rich color of the royal blue sapphire with a delicate halo of white brilliant diamonds in a perfectly polished platinum claw prong setting.


At over 10.50 carats this sapphire ring certainly makes an entrance, what just as important is the sapphire size in mm, most people take the standard carat weight and associate this against a diamond carat weight, but when it comes to sapphires you do need to look at the size of each stone along with the weight.A Sapphire is an extremely dense stone looking at what we call the surface area is just as important as the weight.

This platinum sapphire engagement ring is a perfect example with a weight at 10.51 ct and a size at 12.89 x 12.17 x 7.43 mm has a surface area similar to sapphires around 13 to 14 carats. If this sapphire was just 2 mm deeper it then could quiet easily add on 2-3 cts in weight which gives you an idea on how dense a natural sapphire is.

Below is our sapphire size chart, here you can see size in mm to weight

8. Sapphire and Diamond Flower Halo

Sophistication and style. The featured royal blue sapphire takes center stage in this stunning design. Like the eye of the ocean, this sapphire has a beautiful depth which catches the eye and the heart.Surrounded by individually claw set brilliant white diamonds, the striking contrast of color makes this ring a classically beautiful. In conclusion, this natural sapphire engagement ring does not disappoint.

This platinum sapphire engagement ring set with not only a halo of the diamond but carries the same cut diamonds down both sides of the ring shank which also accent under the sapphire housing coupled with raised halo allows for a sapphire wedding band to sit neatly next to this ring, perfect for the person looking at engagement rings.

Custom Sapphire Engagement Ring with Haloplatinum-sapphire-engagement-ring-halo

9. Vintage Ceylon Sapphire Rings with Diamond Halo

A vintage inspired design, this sapphire and diamond ring is set in platinum. Above all, the 4 claws prongs setting firmly hold this untreated sapphire in place. A gorgeous Ceylon sapphire is featured in the center set with a delicate single halo, double rows of diamonds follow down the shoulder of the bow spit shank accompanied by a migraine finish. A ring of pure class and sophistication, this design is perfect for any formal evening.


Customize to Your Heart’s Content

Keep in mind that by collaborating with our master jeweler you can customize all of these engagement ring designs to suit your requirements. In addition, we can tailor the center stone’s cut and size to suit your preference. Finally, you can design this ring in platinum, white, yellow or rose gold band. And if that is not enough, we can design a brand new ring from scratch based on your own concept.

In the end, here is no limit to what you can achieve with our custom sapphire ring design service. With
professional CAD designers at your disposal, just tell us what your dream ring looks like. We will create and send you the design. Moreover, this service is completely free of charge!

Top 20 Sapphire Engagement Rings for 2019 to 2020best-sapphire-engagement-rings

Why Choose Sapphire Ring Co?

We have one of the world’s largest selection of natural, earth mined, unheated and untreated sapphire stones from Sri Lanka that you can choose from to grace your engagement ring. All of our sapphires are 100% genuine and have certifications from the prestigious and independent Gemological Institute of America (GIA) to prove their authenticity. In the end, if you are interested in finding a truly unique piece of sapphire jewelry, visit us at

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