What is a Color Change Sapphire Ring?

color change sapphire and diamond ring

color change sapphire ring

color change sapphires is a Sapphire were a color shit happens when viewed from incandescent lighting to fluorescent lighting. Even though color change sapphires carry slightly less value than a traditional blue sapphire, they have become one of the most popular colors we sell especially over the last 4 to 5 years as there a demand for these illusive gems keeps increasing. Even though color change sapphire is a hundred times rarer than the traditional solid blue counterpart, its pricing in most cases is reflected by simple supply & demand.

We predict that over the next 3-5 years, as color change Sapphires continue to become more popular especially with sapphire collectors and customers looking for that unique gemstone, the prices will increase in value making this one of the most prized colors in the sapphire family.


What colors do color change sapphires come in?

The colors which are predominantly seen are blue changing to bluish purple, & violet blue changing to purple. However, you will see in our store we carry some quiet unique & rarely seen color-changing sapphire stones. One such is an extremely rare Asscher cut the violet-blue piece that changes to pink hue. This is the first color-changing sapphire graded by the GIA with such a dramatic shift in color.

Color change sapphires pic

We also have pure blues changing to purple and back, which are the most popular color changing sapphire variants for engagement rings.

The picture above shows an oval cut unheated color change sapphire from a violet-blue changing to purple with the GIA color grade of vB 5/4 to P 5/4

How are color change sapphires graded?

Sapphires that have either a color change or shift in color will always carry two GIA gemstone grades. The first grade is the color you see most of the time under fluorescent lighting, followed by the color under incandescent lighting. An example would be GIA B 5/4 changing to GIA P 5/4. To understand the GIA color grading scale, I have added examples on how sapphires hue, tone & saturation is graded from dark to light.

color change sapphire

What is the most popular color change sapphire?

The most popular color changing sapphire variant is the blue to purple. This is the most searched for choice for people looking for something unique for their engagement ring, and we predict that the popularity of this type of sapphire will only increase over time.color-change-sapphire-ring

Do color change sapphires make good engagement rings?

Absolutely! An engagement ring is something you will be wearing for the rest of your life, and what could be better to spice things up a bit than going for a gem that takes on two colors? Almost everyone who starts on their search looking for perfect engagement ring wants a ring which has both meanings to them as well as been unique, with any gem quality natural sapphire is already hundreds of times rarer than a diamond opting for a color change sapphire puts your new engagement ring into a league of its own than almost any gemstone on out there. Even today most jewelers and jewelry stores have not heard of a sapphire which can change in color when viewed under different lighting.

Should I buy a color change sapphire engagement ring?

Yes, if you are the kind of person who is not just satisfied with just one color in their sapphire ring and wants more, this is the stone for you. Under most lighting conditions, the stone will reflect the traditional blue or violet-blue hue but move under an incandescent source and the ring turns purple!


What should I look for?

GIA report is essential when buying any natural sapphire, you will see on the GIA report pictures of the two colors the sapphire shows you can see under different lighting. Also, as if – if not more important you see if the sapphire is a natural stone and if any treatment has been used the GIA report will show under comments & description.



GIA certificate logo

With almost every one of our color change, Sapphire rings you see that the sapphire is untreated. When natural heat applied to an unheated color change Sapphire in most cases the change in color is lost. We have had a few naturally heated color change sapphires over the years but it is rare.

To check a sapphire report, we have added a link to the GIA where you can verify the sapphire your considering matches with the GIA landing page.

GIA check report


Having a GIA report with these rare sapphires is vital especially when so many sapphires sold today have been chemically enhanced, laboratories such as the GIA or AGL are the top two gemstone labs here in the USA but it’s important to have this document so you know your hard-earned money is going on what you paying for.

To see some of our stunning color change sapphire rings & loose sapphires I have added a link below.

Color Change Sapphires & Rings:


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