What is a Sapphire learn every thing about sapphire

What is a Sapphire learn everything about sapphire

Learn About Sapphire is one of the most popular precious gemstones in the world, that is used for all kinds of purposes. Blue Sapphire jewelry is a mainstay of jewelry shops around the world and the gemstone stands apart in terms of its unique color and composition. Like most gemstones, Sapphires are composed of different minerals and elements. Unlike Diamonds which are exclusively made of carbon, gemstone usually consist of Aluminium Oxide (Al2O3) with trace amounts of elements like Iron, Titanium, Chromium, Copper or Magnesium.

Sapphire Colors – How Many Are There?

Sapphires are most commonly blue but they can also exhibit other colors, due to a change in their composition. You might have come across Pink Sapphire engagement rings or even jewelry made of yellow sapphire. These may consist of naturally colored Stone or artificially treated ones. Apart from jewelry and embellishment, Sapphires are used in industrial applications like infrared optical components, high durability window panels, wristwatches, Insulating substrates and much more. However the predominant use of the gemstone is for jewelry and if you are looking for something unique apart from diamonds and gold, A Blue Diamond wedding ring might just be what you are looking for. It’s also interesting to note that learn about Sapphire which is a manifestation of the mineral Aluminium Oxide, also exists in the red color, which is commonly known as Ruby.


Significant quantities of Sapphire deposits are found in the countries of Australia, Eastern African region, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Madagascar and many more. Sapphire has been the subject of human fascination since times immemorial and it is closely associated with traditional practices of various cultures. The word Sapphire is said to have its origin in Sanskrit and represents the planet of Saturn. Some historians dispute the origin of the word and argue that that the word Sapphire is derived from the Latin word Sapphires.

Sapphire Ring Wedding Gift Tradition

The Sapphire is also said to be a traditional gift for 45th wedding anniversaries across European and western culture. The Italians consider Sapphire is a powerful tool to drive away feelings of depression and Melancholy. Sapphires are also considered to be the birthstone of people born in September. A Sapphire jubilee is celebrated on the 65th year of any event.  Let’s take a look at the different types of Gems that are available and their individual qualities:


Blue Sapphires:

  • The most commonly found learn about Sapphire all across the world, Blue Gemstone can be found in all kinds of hues of blue ranging from lightish turquoise to even navy blue. Blue sapphires are evaluated based on their clarity and the saturation of their primary hue. There can be added secondary and tertiary hues to a blue sapphire which give it a different look and reflection. Some commonly found additional hues in a Blue Gems include gray, purple and Violet,. Generally, a Sapphire is considered to be of good quality if it has violet or purple, not more than 15% of the total hue.


Pink Sapphires:


  • Pink Sapphires have shot up in popularity due to their unique look and their high demand for wedding jewelry. The deeper the shade of pink the higher the value of the Blue Diamond. There is also a fine line between Pink Sapphires and Ruby. Rubies are also a manifestation of the compound Aluminum Oxide, just like Gemstone. In the United States, a stone must exhibit a minimum level of saturation of the color pink in order to be called a ruby, otherwise, the stone is referred to as a Pink Sapphire.


What Is Padparadscha Sapphire ?:


  • Padparadscha is an orange toned Sapphire stone that is found in Sri Lanka in large numbers. Vietnam and East African countries also have significant deposits of this gemstone. It is to be noted that this quality of Sapphires are fairly rare and The name is derived from the Sanskrit term Padma Ranga. These stones fetch higher prices than even natural learn about sapphires, due to their rarity and their unique look.


What is Star Sapphire


  • Star Sapphires are highly prized, unique and make for terrific choices for wedding and anniversary rings. The star Gemstone has intersecting lines, which are inclusions and resemble a star. The Phenomenon is known as asterism. The most famous star learn about sapphire in the world is the Star of Adam, weighing in a whopping 1404 carats. The gem was mined in Sri Lanka. The star inside the Sapphires are usually due to natural deposition of titanium oxide.


What is Color changing Sapphires


  • Purple Sapphires contain trace amounts of Vanadium and as we have told you, they come in a variety of different colors. It’s also important to note that almost all gemstones have colors due to their unique reflection of light. Due to a chemical composition which allows some naturally occurring sapphires to have different valencies. Due to the change in valency, this stone exhibits different wavelengths of energy and as a result, it can also give out different hues of color.


What are Synthetic Sapphires:


  • Auguste Verneuil developed a process for artificially synthesizing Sapphires. The process to do so is named after him as a tribute. Artificial learn about sapphires are identical to naturally occurring Sapphires, except that they can be made without flaws and in a perfect manner. If you go for Diamond shopping, keep in mind that is the stone seems to be extremely flawless, there are higher chances of it being artificial.


Explore Collection of Natural Untreated Blue Sapphire Ring 



Untreated & natural heat sapphires are the only sapphires which are graded as true natural gems.

The sapphire value for all blue sapphires is mainly based on the color of the stone or approx 70% of the value, if you had two identical sapphires with sapphire a) untreated and sapphire b) natural heat, the sapphire which was untreated would carry approx a 10% higher value. When we buy our sapphires in Sri Lanka color is always the No 1 factor in choosing a sapphire with strong level of tone along with medium to strong saturation gives you the best sapphires in the pure blue hue.

We do have a number of customers for spiritual beliefs will only buy untreated sapphires and normally they want the sapphire to sit low down in the setting so it touches the skin but on the whole color and cut are the no 1 factors when choosing the right sapphire as long at it is a 100% natural learn about sapphire without being chemically enhanced or diffused. This is why having a GIA report along with a gemologist is valuable so you can be sure that the sapphire you are buying is a 100% natural mined sapphire, with so many today being enhanced through diffusion type treatments giving the sapphire a very lo value having a GIA report is essential detecting some of these treatments can be difficult even for an experienced gemologist, the GIA & the AGL are the only two gem laboratories which have the right equipment to test here in the US.

Sapphire Ring Company always keeps an extensive range of untreated sapphires as well as heated sapphires.

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