What makes a Ceylon sapphire the best choice, durability, value, choice

What makes a Ceylon sapphire the best choice, durability, value, choice etc.

Color has the most prime influence on sapphire’s value. The colors of Sapphire are what mesmerize us and the gorgeous shade shines through only when the color of the stone has proper hue, tone and saturation. In this article we will focus what makes a Ceylon Sapphire the best choice? Its value, durability etc.

What color is Ceylon Sapphire?

The Ceylon Sapphires are widely known, and blue sapphire also occurs in a huge spectrum of other colors. Ceylon blue sapphire, however, is known for their particular blue hue, resembling the cornflower.

Ranging from light to dark, these blue jewels represents what many consider to be the archetypal sapphire gemstone. It comes as no surprise that these blue gems were associated with the heavens in ancient times. Gazing into a Ceylon blue sapphire is akin to watching a cloudless summer sky.

What makes Ceylon Sapphire the best choice?

Sapphires from Ceylon are known for their magnificent crystalline surface with evenly spread pastel to rich blue color. The most highly loved Sapphires are from Ceylon. For many centuries, Ceylon blue sapphire have been treasured by royal families around the world.

Occasionally, people will mistakenly describe sapphires from other origins as being Ceylon because the Ceylon blue is the most sought-after color in sapphire. Sapphire is the most hyped color gemstone in the world, second in all gemstones to diamond.


Ceylon Sapphire value?

The world’s most famous sapphires come from Sri Lanka, including the 104 carat Stuart sapphire in the British Crown Jewels which dates to 1214, the 423 carat Logan Blue and the 563-carat notability of India. The most well-known, British Princess Diana selected a Ceylon sapphire and diamond ring for her engagement to Prince Charles in 1981.

This was placed amongst other rings for her to choose from but she was most attracted to the incredible blue of the Ceylon gem; an 18-carat oval cut which was set surrounded with white diamonds. In 2010 Prince William presented this ring to Kate Middleton when the two became engaged.

Presently, sapphire quarry in Sri Lanka commissions about 100,000 people and is a seasonal industry. Also, more than 50 types of gemstones are found in Sri Lanka, placing it second only to Brazil, but the Ceylon sapphire is considered one of the best known and most highly prized gems. The thriving industry, 25% of global sapphire sales come from Sri Lanka, estimated at $350million annually.

Ceylon Sapphire durability?

Over the time, Sapphires have been cherished for their allure, durability and variety of colors.  Blue however, is the color sapphires are most commonly associated with.  And some of the best sapphires are found in Sri Lanka as we know and known as Ceylon.

When you buy blue sapphires, you want to look for a vibrant color and good clarity.  Many times, people think they want to look for a dark sapphire – however, this is a misconception.  Also, you don’t want a sapphire so dark that it looks black. Hypothetically, you need to look for deep royal blue or electric cornflower blue, with good cutting to maximize the sparkle.

Ceylon Sapphire is strongly built and sturdy. Mixed with its lustrous allure, it’s ensured the jewelry it’s transformed into is not only conspicuous but will last a lifetime.

Ceylon Sapphire rates a 9 on the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness. These stones have a beauty and lust that is unique and elegant. It can be found in many ranges of colors and have a mystic aura that captivates anyone that wears or comes into contact with these pieces.

Blue Sapphire holds immense beauty and prestige. Dating back centuries this stone has been associated with kings and queens to highlight wealth and importance. The same feeling is conveyed today when these pieces are worn leaving individuals with a sense of royalty. Not only does this stone radiate with its rich, royal blue color, it is also a symbol of love, power and wisdom.

These stones are not only beautiful but carry various healing properties and energies that release when worn. The stones can be cut in particular shapes according to customer requirements. Ceylon gems are lifelong pieces that can be handed down or kept as one-off statement items and make exquisite gifts for birthdays, anniversaries or weddings.

Why you should consider wearing Ceylon Sapphire

Someone who simply adores the allure pure blue hues will also be enchanted by Ceylon blue sapphire. Usually regarded as the premiere blue sapphire, consider collecting this stone if you already appreciate other jewels such as Brazilian Azul Quartz, Masoala sapphire. Blue is a color that transitions well between seasons, making a Ceylon blue sapphire ring a great choice for your signature jewelry piece.

Hence, when we imagine of engagement rings, a diamond solitaire ring is probably what comes to mind. But in recent years, however, this has all changed. As, Prince William and Kate Middleton became engaged. Primarily, Prince Harry proposed with his mother’s ring, a stunning sapphire halo ring.

The Ceylon sapphire immediately captivated the world, and the popularity of sapphire engagement rings has steadily grown. The Sri Lankan Gem and Jewlery Association refer to the gemstone as The Blue Sapphire. It was originally mined as a 32-carat rough, later shaped into the 12-carat jewel that adorns the Duchesses’ ring. Today, as it adorns Kate Middleton’s ring, it stands as a perfect example of high-quality Ceylon blue sapphire.

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