Why a Sapphire Engagement Ring is Best Choice!


Why a Sapphire Engagement Ring is Best Choice

Selecting an Engagement Ring can be tough. You want it to be a future heirloom that she will treasure, and a design that reflects her personality. So, for a ring that she will really connect with, why not propose with a sapphire engagement ring!

Here are ways a Ceylon sapphire engagement ring not only stands out in a crowd but is both unique for your future fiancé along with hundreds of one of a kind custom ring designs to choose from, with a history which dates back many centuries as the No1 choice from Royalty, the wealthy and famous coupled with the belief that a sapphire brings both prosperity, loyalty, health and wisdom there not a better engagement ring than a natural sapphire ring.

Be a leader with a Sapphire Engagement Ring

Today most people who start of looking at what engagement ring is best suited to them are almost always looking for a design that is unique, with the majority thinking that the diamond engagement ring to be the set-standard. But it wasn’t until the 1920’s when a combination of better cutting techniques for diamonds along with both DeBeers & Tiffany &  Co pushing the diamonds engagement ring as a “girl’s best friend” did the diamond engagement ring first appear in the market place quickly becoming the leader with one of the biggest marketing pushes the jewelry industry has seen.

Today as more people start to look back through history the sapphires have started to make its come back out selling all other gemstones. A natural sapphire is both durable, available in a rainbow of colors not to mention 100s different blue hues coupled with been toughest of gemstone second only to the diamond, has seen a comeback with literately thousands of choices from design to cuts and of course carat weight, whereas with a diamond you go from colorless to near-colorless with prices so high the average diamond engagement ring is under 1.00 ct compared to a natural sapphire engagement ring, the same person could be looking at sapphires over 3.00 carats when you take in the options of color from colorless to vivid blue, pinks and yellow sapphires you can see why people today are going back where history started.


Above unheated Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring & Rare Untreated White Sapphire Ring To view please click, https://www.sapphirerings.org/sapphire-engagement-rings

All of our natural sapphires and sapphire engagement rings come with the GIA report.



Getting Engaged with Real Sapphire Ring

From experience getting engaged is a nervous time, there is, of course, the big question of asking and waiting to hear “I do” but there’s also the time to pick out the perfect ring, of course, some brides who have a definite idea on what they want from the design of the ring to the cut and size of the stone, but if you are a person left with the decision of choosing your future wife’s engagement ring the first questions is where do I start?

To start off I would suggest speaking with your future mother-in-law and maybe her best friends, this is the first place I would go. In most cases they have a good idea on what she would like, also some casual hints as you glance through magazines or online websites like Sapphire Ring Company can help but if you left in a position where it all up to you heading for a natural sapphire engagement ring set with diamonds is a great way to go.

Here you have the advantage of not only choosing something completely unique, you also the option of buying the traditional sapphire with diamonds, if you opt for a 3-stone ring you can choose two larger diamonds set on each side of the sapphire to give a timeless look which will never date as fashion and times change.
The picture below if of a handmade classic 3-stone sapphire ring made in platinum 950 with two large GIA-certified diamonds set on each side which sets off this Ceylon blue sapphire ring perfectly.


5.48 ct 3 Stone Platinum Sapphire Ring set with two 0.50cts VS F Diamonds All GIA Certified https://www.sapphirerings.org/blue-ceylon-sapphire-ring-cushion-cut-5-48-ct-platinum-950-giablue-ceylon-sapphire-rings-3300

Platinum Sapphire Engagement Ring 5.18 ct “Signature Ring”

Passionate Lovers Go For Natural Sapphire Rings

According to astrology, sapphire engagement ring wearers are passionate lovers, they care deeply about the people important to them. One of the benefits of sapphire engagement rings also includes the power to enhance warmth and compassion for their lover in the heart of its wearer. Considering this,

the initial investment towards a sapphire engagement ring is totally worth it to make your love as your relationship develops becomes priceless with its gifted powers natural sapphires are believed to hold.


Untreated Blue Ceylon Sapphire Ring


Did you Know a Natural Sapphire is Known to Improve Health?

Many religions believe that a sapphire engagement ring has the power to improve the health of the wearer. It’s believed people who suffer from the problem of vitamin D deficiency are advised to buy sapphire to better their health, and according to astrology, a real sapphire stone set in a gold or platinum ring is believed to help fight diseases and keep the immune system strong.

People who have a weak constitution should consider a sapphire wedding ring to help them avoid health problems, from blood pressure, jaundice, indigestion, and spinal related issues. Whether it’s a traditional blue sapphire or you go for one of our fancy colored sapphires set in an engagement ring creates an environment of energy around you so you can grow together in a positive way.

As long at the sapphire is a true natural stone the belief with the healing powers of this gemstone dates back thousands of years, because of this all of our new custom made sapphire rings going into 2020 have a single round cut sapphire set inside the ring shank touching the skin.


Set with Single Round Cut Sapphire inside the shank
“Side view sapphire engagement rings for 2020”


Where to get your Sapphire Engagement Ring?

At Sapphire Rings Co, we cater to each and every one of customers from choosing your natural sapphire ring to a custom wedding band, from rose gold to platinum our master jewelers can create almost any design set with your choice of sapphire from popular cushion cut or the rare emerald cut sapphire the choice will always be yours.

We have a CAD designer who can take your dream to a ring along with 100s natural Ceylon sapphires to choose from open up your dreams to the perfect ring, as we know buying online can be a difficult decision, to make this process as painfree as possible once we have finished the free 3D CAD design of your ring we will ship the chosen sapphire to you first so you know not only the design of the custom ring is right you, you will have the sapphire in your hand to confirm this is the stone for your future bride.

Creating a custom sapphire engagement ring is one of the finest ways to show your future fiancé how important she is to you, this sapphire engagement ring is the beginning of many dreams you will make together. We have hundreds of natural untreated sapphires in every color imaginable for you to choose from, and ready to be matched perfectly with our beautifully designed, handcrafted settings. No matter if you are looking to choose from our existing sapphire engagement ring selection, or wish to work with us on creating a new custom ring of your choice, we are dedicated to offering the highest quality of service to our customers.

At the Sapphires Ring Co, we do NOT sell sapphires that have been exposed to extreme heat, are chemically enhanced or diffused.

All of our sapphires are earth mined genuine natural sapphires and ruby stones. And we don’t make inflated claims. The authenticity of all of our sapphires is fully backed on paper by an independent GIA sapphire report that comes with every purchase.

Order today with complete peace of mind visit us at www.sapphirerings.org or contact us by email at https://www.sapphirerings.org/contact/


Platinum Sapphire Engagement Ring set with 2.37 ct Oval Cut Ceylon Sapphire GIA Certified

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