You Will Never Believe These Facts Behind “Natural Sapphire Rings”

You Will Never Believe These Facts Behind “Natural Sapphire Rings


Did you know that after diamond, sapphire is the most popular gemstone used in engagement rings around the world? But in spite of being one of the rarest of gemstones, a lot of people are unaware about these interesting facts about sapphires.

Popularity That Spans Thousands of Years.

Sapphires have been famous for thousands and thousands of years as precious gemstones in ancient Persia, Roman Empire and throughout the Middle Ages, even the Bible mentions the gemstone sapphire throughout, including the Ten Commandments written on a tablet of sapphire.

Spans Thousands of Years

Colors of the Rainbow Sapphires can be found in

When you think of color of a sapphire, what comes to mind with most people is normally the deep blue skies or the rich colors of the ocean as the main blue hue. However, natural sapphires can occur in almost every color of the rainbow: peach, pinks, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, purple to mention just a few, now if the sapphire is Red Sapphire gemstones are more famously known as a ruby.

Up until around three hundred years ago, even red sapphires were known as sapphire, it was only due to how rare the color red in sapphire was, that the name was changed to ruby in India which soon took hold.  Many people today are unaware that a “Ruby” is made from the same mineral Corundum that all sapphires are, and chemically exactly the same as a natural sapphire.

Below a rare 5.11 carat untreated Ruby Platinum Ring, GIA Certified


The Chemistry of the Sapphire

Sapphires all come from the mineral corundum. The trace elements determine the color, a classic blue sapphire contains traces of iron and titanium, whereas traces of chromium can turn the stone pinkish color. A larger amount of chromium is responsible for turning a sapphire into a ruby.

Both sapphires and ruby deposits are often found in the same areas with Burma rubies been the most sought-after, famous for their pure red hue also referred to in the trade as “pigeon blood red”.  If you are looking for this one classification, you need to check the GIA report, today the GIA will give the exact description of color under the comments section of the report, these rubies will always have the gemstone color grade of GIA R 6/5 and the most valuable of the sapphire family if they are untreated. It is essential If you are paying thousands of dollars for a natural sapphire ring to have a GIA report.  Unfortunately, over 90% of rubies sold as natural are not, having this laboratory report is an important part of any sale.

Below we should a Pigeon Blood red Ruby Ring & the GIA report for the stone.

ruby-diamond-ring                  Ruby-gia-report


Padparadscha is Rare Sapphire

Sapphire gemstones in themselves are rare, however, the rarest sapphire comes in pinkish orange hue and has a special name called Padparadscha (tongue twister, we know!). The name is derived from a Sinhalese word for lotus flower. These gemstones can be found in Sri Lanka and are sifted from Sri Lankan rivers and some open family mines. Having a pinkish orange sapphire graded as a padparadscha is not as easy as one might think, the balance to both pink and orange hue has to be perfect, over the years we have had many Ceylon sapphires fall just outside this grade sometimes by having just a few percents off in pink or orange hue.

If you are looking at buying a true genuine Padparadscha sapphire always insist on a GIA report, I have added a link below to show some natural Ceylon sapphire rings which carry a remarkably similar color in both hue, tone and saturation.padparadscha-ring

The Origin of the Name “Sapphire”

The word “sapphire” comes from the Latin and Greek word for “blue”: sapphirus and sappheiros. Originally these words may have referred to a different type of stone known for its deep blue appearance called Lapis

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Not Just Attractive

Sapphires are undoubtedly one of the most gorgeous looking stones occurring in nature. Not only are they attractive but also strong. On the Mohs Scale of Hardness, sapphires score a 9 out of 10, meaning that the only naturally occurring item that can scratch a sapphire is a diamond.  This makes sapphire a famous choice for an engagement ring, if you looking at a different ring designs form the traditional diamond ring. A sapphire engagement ring is perfect choice if you plan on wearing this ring every day with everlasting durability which will last you not only your lifetime but will quickly become a valuable family heirloom.

The words most famous Sapphire Engagement Ring original worn by the late Princess Diana passed ion to her son Prince William who gave this ring to Kate Middleton.


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Sapphires are found in Australia, Tanzania, Thailand, Madagascar, Sri Lanka and even here in the US in Montana. These gemstones found throughout many countries across all continents around the world but not all sapphires are what we call “gem quality” stones, many sapphires found are used for commercial use because of their abrasive qualities due to the harness of the rough stone.

At Sapphire Ring Company if you would like to learn in more detail on gem quality sapphires and where they “are” found please visit our pages on Sapphire Origins at

Mystical Powers

Multiple cultures throughout history, have used sapphires for its mystical powers and even claimed that the gemstones possess heavenly powers. The stone is claimed to be a symbol of peace, truth, innocence, loyalty, faithfulness, and good health. The sapphire stone was believed to protect the wearers from evil. The blue color of the sapphire resembles the sky which is associated with the heavens. This is why nobility to high priest used sapphire rings, some dating back over a thousand years.

The Europeans in the Middle Ages believed that sapphire could cure eye diseases, preserve chastity and bless the wearers with heavens blessings. Sapphires are also known to symbolize nobility and faithfulness, thereby making it a perfect fit for an engagement ring.Blue-sapphire-and-diamonds-ring

A Symbol of Royalty

Rich royal blue sapphires have long been associated with royalty (which in turn contributed to the naming of the color royal blue). Royal blue sapphire rings were worn by medieval kings as these stones are known to possess heavenly powers.


This Ceylon Sapphire Ring dates back to the 5th century

Expensive Sapphire Stones

A sapphire ring gifted by Napoleon Bonaparte to his wife Josephine in the year 1796 was recently auctioned in 2013. The ring sold at a million US dollars and features a pear-shaped sapphire stone along with a pear-shaped diamond facing different ends on a classic gold

Famous Sapphire Rings

The most famous sapphire ring today is the royal sapphire ring given by Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer in 1981. Kate Middleton now wears the ring today. The ring possesses a 12-carat oval blue Ceylon sapphire and is surrounded by a round brilliant cut diamond halo.

Below close up picture of this Sapphire Ring worn today by Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.


Not Just for Royals

Although sapphire rings are famous amongst royal families & celebrities alike, sapphire rings are not just for the rich and famous. Before the advent of the 20th century when diamonds became the new hype for engagement rings, blue sapphires were the favored gemstones found in most engagement rings. Sapphire rings were famous within the Victorian era to Art Deco period of the 1920’s. Today you can see a wide selection of antique style engagement rings to more of the modern designs set with fancy cut diamonds as accent stones. To view one of the widest selection of natural sapphire engagement ring go to Sapphire Ring Co, we have 100’s custom made platinum sapphires rings in almost every design imaginable, from vintage to modern all custom made mainly in platinum 950 for each gems size and cut.

Combination of classic to modern designs, Ring 1 Art Deco Sapphire Engagement Ring bezel set, Ring 2 Modern Sapphire Ring in Platinum 950 – Both sapphires are GIA certified.

art-deco-sapphire-ring                              modern-platinum-blue-sapphire-ring


The “Star Phenomenon”

Not known to many, and intriguing to the ones who have heard of the term, Star Phenomenon is exhibited by “Star Sapphire”.  When inclusions create a pattern of a star, a star pattern is formed on the surface of a dome-like a cabochon cut sapphire (stone with no facets). These inclusions make the sapphire unique showing off a star on the surface and are called “star sapphire”.

Star sapphires come in a variety of colors with royal to vivid blue been the most prized, star sapphires have become popular with men across the world including here in the United States, these gems suit the men’s ring design well with the cabochon cut, normally bezel set looking like a class ring design. Below we have added a picture of a star sapphire rings which I sure when viewed you will recognize the designs.

We carry a number of star sapphires in stock from 4.00 cts to 9.00 cts, all unheated Ceylon sapphires for more details contact us we always happy to help.

star-sapphire-ring                                                 mens-star-sapphire-ring

Men’s Natural Star Sapphire Rings

Color Changing Sapphires

We are as intrigued as you are. These types of sapphire exhibit different colors in different lighting shifting from sometimes blue in the daylight to bluish purple at nighttime under incandescent light. Natural color sapphires have become one of the most popular sapphires over the last few years with the exception of the famous blue sapphire.

Due to frequent trips to Sri Lanka though “out” each year we have collected a very nice selection of rare color change sapphire engagement rings almost all untreated, to learn more about the Color-Change sapphire please view our blog on this rare gemstone.

if you like to view selection of natural color change sapphire rings & loose sapphires, we now have a dedicated page for this rare sapphire.

Bellow a Natural Color Change Sapphire Ring, GIA Certified 

color-change-sapphire-ring                          loose-color-change-sapphire


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