Best Engagement Rings Trend of 2023 – Sapphire Rings

Best Engagement Ring Trend to try in 2023


Hello lovebirds! If you’re planning to get engaged soon, you’re in the right place. Let’s talk about the coolest trend of 2023—sapphire engagement rings! These rings are strong, colorful, and super cool. So let’s explore why they are the perfect choice for your special moment.

Why Choose a Sapphire?

Super Strong

Firstly, sapphires are super tough, almost as strong as diamonds! That means they can handle everyday wear and tear.


Color Galore!

The best part? Sapphires come in lots of colors, like blue, pink, yellow, and even green. You can pick a color that matches your style and tells your love story.


Colors and What They Mean

Blue Sapphire

Blue is the most classic color for sapphires. It’s like the sky or the ocean—peaceful and deep. A blue sapphire says you’re wise and royal.


Pink Sapphire

Think of pink like love and romance. A pink sapphire is perfect if your love story is like a fairy tale.


Yellow Sapphire

Yellow sapphires shine like the sun! They are all about happiness. Choose this if your loved one lights up your life.


Green Sapphire

Green Sapphire is rare and super special. Green stands for growth and new beginnings.


Other Colors

Did you know there are also red, purple, and white sapphires? Red sapphire is for bold, fiery love. Purple sapphire is for couples who feel a deep emotional connection. And white sapphire is like a blank canvas—perfect for a fresh start.

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Pick Your Cut!

Now, a cut is how the stone is shaped. Different shapes can make the ring look modern, classic, or even vintage!


Round Cut

A round cut sapphire is timeless. It’s the most sparkly and popular shape.


Princess Cut

This Princess Cur Sapphire shape is modern and edgy. It’s perfect for a bride or groom who likes to keep things trendy.


Oval Cut

An oval cut sapphire shape makes the stone look bigger and your finger look longer and slimmer.


Cushion Cut

Cushion Cut Sapphire is a mix of a square and a circle and looks like a pillow. Cushion cuts are romantic and classic.


Emerald Cut

Emerald cut Sapphire is rectangle-shaped and makes the sapphire look big and bold. It’s elegant and royal.


Other Fun Shapes

There are also heart shapes, pear shapes, and even triangle shapes. A heart is super romantic. A pear shape is unique and looks like a teardrop. And a triangle shape is edgy and modern.


 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Ring

  1. Look at Lots:

Try on lots of rings to see what you like. Each shape and color will look different on your hand.


  1. Check the Color:

Make sure you love the color in different lights.


  1. Know Your Budget:

Sapphires can be less pricey than diamonds, so you might get a bigger or better stone without spending too much.


  1. Smart Budgeting with Affirm:

Discover the affordability of sapphires, often less pricey than diamonds, allowing for grander stones within your budget. And now, with partnership with Affirm, getting your dream ring is easier than ever. Choose Affirm at checkout and take advantage of an interest-free payment plan for up to 12 months. This means you can spread the cost of your sapphire ring over a year, making it easier and more manageable to finance. Now, the beauty and elegance of sapphires are within reach, allowing you to select a more exquisite stone without the immediate financial commitment.


  1. Ask for Help:

Always buy from a store that you trust. Ask for a certificate to know you’re getting a good sapphire.



So there you have it, folks! Sapphires are the coolest stones to have in your engagement ring in 2023. They are strong, colorful, and come in awesome shapes. Whether you love classic blue or want to try something like pink or green, there’s a sapphire for everyone. And with so many shapes, you can find one that tells your love story the best.


Are you ready to find the coolest sapphire ring? Don’t wait any longer! Visit a jewelry or Sapphire rings store and start trying on these beauties. You won’t regret it!


So, what are you waiting for? Make your special moment even more amazing with a sapphire engagement ring. Happy ring shopping, everyone!

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