What Color Blue Sapphire Should I Buy

Buy Dark royal blue = GIA B 7/4
What Blue Color Sapphire Should I Buy ?
When it comes to choosing a sapphire by color we always tell our customers to choose a color that appeals to them, Blue sapphire account for over 80% of our sales even though sapphire can full under every color you can imagine from canary yellow to hot pinks and even color change sapphires which typically go from a blue to purple with hint of violets depending on the light source here I wanted to share some information on blue sapphires in general.
Cornflower blue platinum custom sapphire ring GIA color B 5/4.Cornflower blue platinum custom sapphire ring GIA color B 5/4.
As blues are the colors most people start with I will open up on this color and go down though the main colors you are likely to see in a well stocked store.
Up until about 10 years ago cornflower blue sapphires use to be the most prized and sought after color with the highest market value, since then the royal blue sapphire has now taken the top spot in price as well as the most sold today, we believe with more & more sales being carried out online, the royal blue sapphire both photographs & video’s better than the other hues & because of this the demand increased with this the price for these darker sapphires.
What we have noticed over the last 10 plus years when we meet with our customers face to face and they are able to choose by hand from a selection of sapphires from royal blue down to vivid blue and then further down the colors to cornflower blue stones even though the royal blue sapphire might have being there pick online approximately 8 out of 10 of our customers will choose a cornflower blue sapphire over royal blue than any other blue hue.
( Royal blue sapphire GIA gemstone grade B or vB 6/5 with cornflower blue typically a B or vB 5/4 )

Royal blue sapphire GIA gemstone grade B or vB 6/5 with cornflower blue typically a B or vB 5/4

 Double halo Cornflower blue sapphire ring – GIA B 5/4


Please see our blog on sapphire grading”
Because most of our customers buy directly online & too far away to travel to us we added back in 2018 the “WhattsApp” video option to our website were we can show you videos directly to you mobile devise under natural light and florescent lighting in a wide selection of blue natural sapphire ring’s which allows our customers to be able to see their selection of sapphires they considering in real time & for added protection we always offer free return Fed Ex shipping to all of our orders.

Vivid blue Ceylon sapphire set with 2 radiant cut diamonds GIA B 5/5

Royal blue 3 stone custom ring GIA vB 6/5

 Vivid blue Ceylon sapphire set with 2 radiant cut diamonds GIA B 5/5
This is not to say the lighter or darker blue sapphire colors are any less desirable, ultimately the value is the the beauty YOU see ! This is ultimately is what your decision should be made on, always choose the sapphires color that appeals to you.
We carry over 200 plus Ceylon sapphire and diamond ring’s, all custom made for each gemstone along with a selection of loose sapphires in a wide selection of blue hues all GIA certified, from deep royal blue to light powder blues, if you don’t see the color, size or cut you looking for please contact us, we have new sapphires coming in almost weekly from having there final GIA report from there laboratory in California.
If this stone had just 10% more saturation would grade this as cornflower blue, however if you saw a live video of this setting you might decide this would be perfect for you & that’s why contacting us seeing this or any of our Ceylon sapphire ring’s through video really helps make a difficult decision from a-far much easier. 727 797 0007 or @ WhattsApp 727 804 6758
Both myself and husband take frequent trips to Sri Lanka throughout every year were we always choosing a variety of sapphires as well as looking for that unique cuts or colors, because we have built up a excellent relationship over decades of work there in both the mines markets there along with our two full time gem brokers we able to hunt down & find some the the worlds best natural sapphires at wholesale prices.
Please contact us with any questions you have and I hope this information has being of some help.
Many thanks for taking this time to read this, if there is a topic on natural sapphires you would like to see please email us at [email protected] – We love to provide as much information to everyone looking at choosing a sapphire.
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