Sapphire Engagement Ring vs Diamond Ring

How to Choose the Best Engagement Rings Different  between, Sapphire Engagement Ring vs Diamond Ring

No Ring – No Wedding

It is a proven fact now that rings have been the most sought for items in any wedding. In fact different functions of wedding are considered incomplete without a ring. The ring ceremony has been evolved as a custom without which marriage cannot be executed properly. It is, without any doubt, a matter of extreme importance to bring the ring with them while coming for marriage. Rings have established themselves as the must items for any marriage ceremony. Be it an engagement or a wedding, it cannot happen without an exchange of rings between the marrying couple.

Considering the widespread importance and exclusivity of rings in weddings, there comes even more important matter of choosing and selecting a ring for the ceremony. This is another complete subject that requires a reasonable chunk of routine and preparations for its commencement. The ring to be chosen for engagement and the ring to be selected for wedding are usually different and extreme care is observed while selecting them. Apart from marriage ceremonies, rings are also frequently worn as a jewelry item mostly by females. This ornamental importance enjoyed by rings keep them at a very dear position in women’s lives.

How to Buy a Perfect Ring?

Now the question of choosing the suitable ring for the suitable function comes in mind. A ring decorated with stones and ornaments is worth wearing. Such delicate, alluring, attractive and gorgeous rings are always close to everybody’s heart. It is always a nice sight to see rings enhancing the beauty of the ones wearing them. In order to do so and to have a better and more striking look with the rings, it is considered very important to choose the ring wisely and with full care. That is why it is said that the time spent in selection of a ring is always considered the productive time.

Diamond or Sapphire – A hard choice to make

Most of the people find themselves troubled between choosing either a diamond ring or any other gemstone ring. They find themselves in a complex state where it is difficult for them to decide which of these rings would suit the function as well as serve the purpose. The beauty and delicacy of both the diamonds and sapphires keep them in such a difficult state to decide. On one hand there is diamond which is praised by masses and on the other hand there is sapphire whose rarity enhances its demand and grace.

Diamonds give and executive look

Diamond rings are preferred by the ones who have a special taste and place for diamonds in their lives. With the word diamond, the idea of expensive and costly item naturally comes to mind. It is indeed true that they are costly but their beauty is unmatched. Although diamonds are also rare but still they are always in a huge demand. Their strength and value add to the beauty of the Hands which wear them. Moreover, a diamond ring always gives an executive look to the ones who wear it. It also presents a very lovely sight as well.

Diamonds are Durable

Another important characteristic that makes increases the demand of diamond is its durability. Although it is a delicate stone but still it is harder compared to the competing stones. Its hardness makes people feel it a long term item which could last long and they can use and reuse it without the fear of getting it damaged due to its sensitivity. The factor that diamond is not weak makes us think that the money spent on diamonds is a onetime expense that will prevent them from spending more on rings as the diamonds are long lasting.

Colorlessness is more attractive than Colors

There are some individuals who prefer colorlessness over any other color. Diamond has a colorless appearance which makes it the best choice. However, this does not mean that without any specific color, diamond casts a boring look. The luster and the sheen that is reflected from diamond makes everybody spell bound who can’t help but praise it. This is another characteristic feature enjoyed by the diamonds that they are always a safe choice for the ones who have problems with the colors or those who do not want to get into the trouble of choosing from among so many colors.

Therefore, for the persons who long for an everlasting shine and grace, the diamond ring is the best choice. This is because of the fact that it enjoys shine and grace for a longer duration as compared to the rest of the stones. This makes it the best choice for the seekers of reliability.

Wait a Second!!! Diamonds are way too Expensive

However, there are some cases in which human beings do not want to go for the diamonds in their rings. There are some reasons which make them think so. The first and the foremost reason deals with affordability. It is not possible for everyone to afford the highest quality diamond for the rings. Diamond, because of its quality and value, is very expensive to buy. That is why many folks do not wish to buy it as it becomes out of their budget and weighs heavily on their pockets. The price of diamond keeps on going out of the reach with the increase in its quality. The best quality diamond is not for everyone to buy and use. Therefore, the very high cost is the first factor that discourages most of the customers from buying it for the rings.

Another factor that becomes the reason for not buying the diamond for the rings is the one’s individual choice. Some people, in their desire to seem unique, do not prefer diamond as it is considered too main stream. According to them, diamond always comes in mind whenever an expensive stone for the rings is talked about. Therefore, in pursuit of getting something that is different and exclusive many clients go for choosing some gemstone rather than diamond. Moreover, mostly the women have been seen rejecting diamonds for their wedding rings due to the fact that a lot of females use them in their rings. Therefore, the longing for bringing in exclusivity in their choice becomes the second main reason for them not choosing diamonds for their rings.

But I Like Colors – Why Shouldn’t I buy Sapphire?

Sapphire, on the other hand, is included in the gemstones that are also preferred by the couples while buying the rings for their weddings. There are colorful stones that make the wedding rings all the more beautiful with their eye catching colors and pleasing sight. Those who love the combination of different colors always go for different gemstones in their rings. Sapphire is therefore very much liked by them as its varying colors always catch their attention in the first sight. It presents a gorgeous and alluring glow and its delicacy always strikes those who watch it. That is the reason many people wish to buy it and primarily want to use it in their wedding rings.

You Want Rarity? Sapphire is the answer

Another very important factor that makes the partners choose Sapphire rings is the wish to buy something rare and unique. People who long to remain exclusive always look to the gemstones as they are not commonly used by the others. That is the reason they attract the ones who always wish to seem different and exceptional. The ones who do not believe in doing whatever is always done by others have been seen buying mostly sapphire for their rings. Therefore, the individuals prefer sapphires over diamonds because the latter have been in fashion in wedding rings for a very long time. That is why, in order to make a difference, many couples choose sapphire rings for their engagements or weddings.

Another important reason behind choosing Sapphire ring for the wedding is the beauty and value that are attached with it. Weddings, now-a-days have become more of a competitive function than just the celebration of joy and happiness. Most of us attend the wedding just to make an estimate of the amount that is spent by the family members. This is because of the capitalistic and consumer approach that has encompassed us in our choices. These weddings have become the events to boast off the luxuries and the wealth we have and the open heartedness with which we spend it on our functions. This bragging can be seen in the choice of the dressing, jewelry and other arrangements made by the family.

The main reason is to present ourselves better than the rest in terms of the quality of the wedding function. The ring is the much sought for thing by all the guests attending the function and to be more specific for the closer relatives. Therefore, an intense care is taken in buying the wedding. When the purpose is to brag and show off the wealth people have, they buy the most expensive of the rings for their better halves. Sapphire rings are without any doubt, due to their delicacy, the most expensive of the wedding rings. It is because of the value of the Sapphire that is engraved in the ring.

Elegance with Durability – Sapphire’s Trademark

The desire to choose the most durable and long lasting item to be woven in the rings strengthens the decision to get the Sapphire. This is because of the fact that Sapphire is more durable and stronger as compared to diamond or any other gemstone. This strength, coupled with everlasting grace, compels individuals to prefer Sapphire over any other gemstone for their rings.

Overwhelming Fineness – Brag about Sapphire

The yearning to seem the best and be the best has influenced the selection of rings for the partners at the time of engagement. This factor naturally dominates such families which afford buying very expensive rings on their functions. They have nothing to do with any superstition or good and bad omen. They do not even take into account the religious importance of such things. All that matters for them is the unmatchable expression of their status before others in the ceremonies of engagement. Moreover, these masses believe in making their partners happy by flaunting and bragging about their financial status before them. This is because of the fact that they believe that all the happiness in this world can be bought through money. The efficacy and the duration of such relations and happy moments cannot be determined for sure. Therefore, the fineness and the rarity of the gemstones used in the rings shape the people’s choice for using sapphire in their rings either for weddings or for engagements.

Another most important element that influences the choice of people and make them go for buying sapphire rings for their engagement or wedding is their desire to get the finest, best and the most expensive ring for their better halves. The arousal of this desire is quite natural in the modern capitalist world which marks the happiness with the money a person holds. It is the consumeristic approach that makes people believe that every fancy, expensive and costly thing would increase their status and respect in the society. Engagements and such ceremonies have become the battlefield of competing with the others in the families and making an attempt of winning over others in terms of the expenses that are borne by the family members in such events.

Want to be unique, rare and all the more impressive? Get the Sapphire

In short, it can easily be concluded that having so many unmatched features including durability, rarity, expensiveness and elegance, sapphire is the best and the safest choice for the gemstone that can be used in the rings for weddings or engagements. An addition of diamond decorating the Sapphire stone in their center can add to the beauty of the rings. This will add to the already beautiful impression of the ring due to the presence of the alluring and attractive Sapphire in it.

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