Make your Engagement an event worth Remembering


Engagement – an initiator of the beautiful life ahead

Engagement marks the beginning of a very beautiful relationship the human beings get into. It is the relationship of marriage that initiates all the new experiences of life. Engagement can be called a pre-wedding ceremony in which couples get a chance to know each other, understand and decide for the future life they have to spend together. Engagement is considered a litmus test for judging the compatibility of the partners. Engagement provides the couples with a chance to know each other under some binding of responsibility. Engagement can be considered as the next logical step after a relationship based on love in which both the partners try to know about their preferences, vision towards life and the ideology towards living.

There are different ways of celebrating engagement in different families, regions and countries. At some places, engagements are celebrated in the form of a proper function in which a large number of relatives is invited and the members make wide spread arrangements. While in some families, people prefer a very formal and limited function for engagement in which only the closest family members from both sides are invited. In short, this ceremony people celebrate this function keeping in view cultural, traditional and financial status of the families.

Want to hold each other together?  Buy a Ring

An equally significant symbolic artifact that is closely associated with engagement is the ring which is presented by both the partners to each other. This ring holds exclusively important significance because it marks the initiation of a lime time memory. The ring manifests the symbolic import of having a sense of possession for each other. The ring symbolizes the strength of the relationship both the partners start after engagement. It is the engagement ring that always remains close to both the husband and wife.

It is normally seen that the couples always wear and keep their engagement rings with them all the time to keep the memories of the beautiful day alive. It is also perceived as the bearer of the vow that both the partners take at the time of engagement. This is the vow to remain with each other and to be loyal. This is the commitment of never leaving another despite the rise of unusual and unpredictable circumstances and the hardest of the times faced by both of them. This is also a promise to trust each other above all and beyond anything. This is because all relationships enjoy their full strength only if the element of trust remains intact there. In the absence of trust, both the partners cannot go along with each other for long. Therefore, the engagement ring that both the partners wear reminds them of this beautiful declaration that they undertake in front of so many people to remain faithful to each other for the rest of their lives. Only then an engagement leads to the more important bond of marriage in a wedding ceremony.

Trouble buying the ring?

Considering the immense importance that an engagement ring holds, there are different narratives that come into play while the selection for a suitable yet beautiful engagement ring is in question. The factors which influence the choice for buying the ring for engagement include two important things. Either the belief in lucky or unlucky stones and artifacts is important or the desire to buy the finest and the most expensive ring takes over this choice. In both the cases, the options become limited. If we talk about the ideology of good and bad omen while choosing the ring, many people make their choice on the basis of the item that would bring fortune to the marrying couple. In such cases, there are different parameters to measure the luck factor associated with different items. Some people believe in the presence of some specific colors in their lives which lead to pleasing the goddess of success. Such people believe in particulars colors to wear every time. Their choices are influenced by these colors. Starting from their clothing to the necessary items in daily life, the selection is done on the basis of the lucky colors which will bring good fortune.

Get the Ring that brings Good Fortune

The same choice is seen in play while choosing for the wedding ring. Such people prefer choosing their lucky stone for the engagement rings. This is done in order to mark a fortunate and lucky start to the ceremony that is the starting point of a beautiful relationship that stays forever. This choice on the basis of color makes the available options very limited and most of the times people go for choosing the ring of one color only which according to them is their good luck charm. Keeping in view the fact that an engagement ring will always remain present in the finger which is a part of body, people prefer to attach the stone of their lucky color so that the symbol of fortune remains attached with the body.

Considering this discussion in view, some people believe that the blue color is very much productive and lucky for them. They prefer having such stones engraved in their engagement rings which have blue color. Sapphire is therefore liked by so many of such people who believe that a delicate, alluring and attractive blue color of sapphire will bring good fortune upon them and due to this stone of blue color, they will lead on a very happy, contented and successful life ahead. Moreover, they believe that such color in the stone, through its influence will stop every possible misery befalling upon them in any shape. It is a part of their firm belief that only in the presence of the stone of such a color, they would remain safe from any danger, chaos or trouble that would bring difficulties in their lives. Therefore, for a peaceful and satisfying life, the people mostly chose rings with specific colors and stones.

Sapphire – How sacred it is?

There are different stones which are considered very much sacred and lucky by the people. They frequently wear such stones in their jewelry as a symbol of their good fortune and remain satisfied with their presence. The same belief is applied while buying engagement ring with some specific stone engraved in it. Such people believe that a ring with their lucky stone will keep their engagement safe and will lead to a happy married life ahead. Therefore, they make their choices on the basis of the stones which they deem lucky for them.

While deciding for the stones from among the available variety, people normally prefer to go with the luckiest one. Most of the people having firm religious beliefs choose sapphire as their lucky stone. The reason behind making this choice is the fact that God has mentioned Sapphire in His Holy Book Bible. It is because of this sacred significance of this stone, many people go for selecting it for their engagement rings as they believe that it will bring good luck for them as it has been referred to by God Himself. It is this religious significance attached with this stone that makes it all the more important for the people to get it engraved in their engagement rings. They believe that the Sapphire stone is sacred and hence it will be a source of blessing for the marrying couple and it will fill their lives with God’s bliss.

This belief is widely held by those people only who have firm faith in religious connotations and the religious scriptures. It is because of this belief that they limit their choices only to such things which are considered important and worth using from their religious points of view. Since Sapphire in mentioned in Bible, people believe in using it and consider it as a good omen for them. Also, since it is the matter of engagement that starts the journey which remains there till the end of life; people become more protective and try their best to initiate it with such symbols that could turn out to be the best for them. Again, since the engagement ring is always worn by the partners, it is believed that the sacred stone will remain attached to their bodies which will definitely act as their protector and savior. The luck factor attached with this stone, according to these people, will never let any misery befall upon them and it will never let them bemoan the loss of their hopes and happiness. That is the reason most of the people decide to choose such rings for the engagements which have Sapphire stones in them so that they could at least keep themselves satisfied that they made an attempt to get the best of whatever is available there. Rest, they leave to the prayers and the hope to receive mercy and blessings from the God Almighty.

Want to get the best for The Best?

The second most important element that influences the choice of people about their engagement rings is their desire to get the finest, best and the most expensive ring for their better halves. The arousal of this desire is quite natural in the modern capitalist world which marks the happiness with the money that a person holds. It is the consumer approach that makes people believe that every fancy, expensive and costly thing would increase their status and respect in the society. Engagements have become the battlefield of competing with the others in the families and making an attempt of winning over others in terms of the expenses that are borne by the family members in such events.

This yearning to seem the best has influenced the selection of rings for the partners at the time of engagement. This factor naturally dominates such families which afford buying very expensive rings on their functions. These people have nothing to do with any superstition or good and bad omen. They do not even take into account the religious importance of such things. All that matters for them is the unmatchable expression of their status before others in the ceremonies of engagement. Moreover, such people believe in making their partners happy by flaunting and bragging about their financial status before them. This is because of the fact that they believe that all the happiness in this world can be bought through money. The efficacy and the duration of such relations and happy moments cannot be determined for sure.

However, the pompous factor does not always come into play in the ceremonies where the most expensive wedding rings are presented. Another longing can also play its part in making people choose the most expensive ring for their partners. This is the desire and the wish to make the partners realize their importance for each other. It can also be taken as an expression of the unflinching and long lasting love that people have for their partners. This can be an effort to give a silent message to the better half that nothing in this world is worth more than that person who is coming in life. Therefore, such expensive rings are bought to express such feelings for the partners.

The Sapphire ring is very impressive, delicate and eye catching. It snatches the attention of the people even after casting the first sight upon it. If compared to the rest of the rings, the Gemstone ring leaves a very fine mark of delicacy and elegance. That is the reason many people choose Sapphire ring for their engagement. Moreover, people desire to celebrate this lifelong memory in the most exclusive and unique manner. It is this approach towards uniqueness that makes the people spend as much as they want on such items of luxury which are equally expensive and unaffordable for most of the people. Still the gesture of choosing such unique things is, in most of the cases, nothing but to show the feelings of unconditional love and a never ending support one gives to the other.

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