Ring the Wedding Bells with the Best Rings



Wedding–A lifetime event

Wedding is the start of the most beautiful journey in a person’s life. It is termed as a beautiful journey because a lot of memorable things are attached with it right from its preparations to the final execution and till the time both the partners live together. Marriage is a legal binding between both the partners who are supposed to comply to the responsibilities that are attached with such a strong relationship. One of the most important desires of people is to make this once-in-a-lifetime event as much memorable as possible. In order to do so, people make a lot of plans and execute them. These plans start from choosing the dresses that both the partners wear to the selection of the venue for the function. It also spans over deciding the arrangements that are made in different functions of the wedding. The wedding couples, their parents and other stakeholders involved in the ceremony try their best to make the wedding event as unique as possible. Keeping its legal formalities aside, the wedding event is the one marked with so many social festivities and artifacts that everyone remembers for the rest of life.


Know the Unknown

Marriage is an event that is celebrated by all people. These celebrations are marked with joy, colors, laughter, prayers and preparations for different functions. Even after having a relationship, the event of marriage has the element of surprise, uncertainty and unknown fear. Taking the relationship to a step ahead into the journey of marriage which is the name of living together with full responsibilities of each other is a very important event in which people wish to make worth remembering. Different meetings are arranged, priorities and preferences are asked, family setup is understood, lifestyle is examined, ideas and beliefs are interpreted and hence both the partners try to know each other in a better way. The thought of taking the relationship to its logical conclusion through marriage increases the anxiety and happiness in the couples. This surprising element makes the marriage all the more exciting for the partners. The desire to know about the better half redoubles the joy of marriage and its ceremony.

The pre marriage relationship differs from a married relationship in terms of the responsibilities that lie on the marrying partners. Before marriage, the couples have no legal and social responsibility to share and after the wedding, the situation becomes different. The way these partners behave knowing that now they are going to tie the knot which will remain with them forever is the real litmus test of their personality and the big claims that both the partners make for each other. It arises the interest in both the partners about the new life and the new experiences that they will be facing after their marriage.Natural-royal-blue-sapphire-and-diamonds-ring

Making Wedding a Memorable Event

The idea of making one’s marriage a memorable event always lurks inside one’s mind and heart. The most important of them are marrying couples and their immediate family members. Both the partners try to think of the possibilities to make themselves happy through the steps taken by them in the preparation of the wedding. They buy valuable things, expensive and beautiful gifts to be distributed between each other just to leave their good impact. These things include choosing the dresses for the functions and the jewelry to be worn by the women. Men, too try to come up with unique ideas to impress others.


Be the Best – Buy the Best Ring

The idea of buying a ring in the marriage which is commonly known as the wedding ring holds immense importance in the execution of any marriage. It has a separate significance than the engagement ring. The ring signifies the value of the attachment which both the marrying partners vow to have with each other. This ring symbolizes the expression of love and attachment that the couple shares with each other. This ring remains with them for the rest of their lives which enhances its immense significance in married life. It is, therefore, their wish to make this ring selection event, a memory to be lived and relived in their lives.

Considering the significance that the rings hold in the lives of the married couples, extreme care is taken in its selection and choice. Different factors impact people’s choice of buying the rings. These factors include the color of the stone in the ring, the stone of the ring and the price of the ring. These factors have different reasons behind their choice which dominates their preferences for buying the ring for the wedding.Yellow-Ceylon-sapphire-ring

Love the Colors? Buy the Beautiful Sapphire

In most of the cases, it is the color of the ring that is preferred by the people while buying it. The colors have their symbolic significance. There are some colors that represent soothing, calm and peaceful expressions. There are some other colors which have very harsh and dangerous connotation attached to them. The red color, for instance, is the symbol of danger, threat and fear. The white color, on the other hand, is the symbol of peace. However, it is seen that most of the people prefer blue color for the stone to be engraved in their wedding rings. The reason is the symbolic connotation that is attached with this color. Blue color always stands for love, affection, smoothness and soothing expressions.  It is also a symbol of care and tranquility. Most of the people believe that the colors of the items have a direct impact upon the role played by them in our lives. It is because of this reason they choose specific colors for the things which belong to them. These things can range from their dressing to the items that they possess and also the things which are in their daily life use. Since Sapphire has blue color, many people choose it just because of the calm and peaceful color that it holds. These people wish to decorate their rings with the Sapphire stone because it also looks very impressive which is full of delicacy and grace. They long for presenting their better halves with such things which would look very striking, extraordinary and remarkable on them. Moreover, through such choices, they wish to incorporate the element of uniqueness in their items as well. The Sapphire wedding rings are no doubt very much loved and celebrated by the people. Therefore, as a gesture to choose the lovable things for the beloved, people go for buying a Sapphire ring for their wedding.

This whole idea of things having a direct or indirect impact upon bringing something good or bad in our lives becomes the basis of our choices. The things, which we believe are good for us, always dominate our choices. The colors, which are signs of good omens for us, are bought the most by us. That is how our choices and preferences are shaped. In reality, the fear of buying a bad thing or the desire to buy a good thing is shaped by the superstitions that are always at play in our conscience and help us making most of the choices in our lives.Purple-sapphire-and-diamonds-ring

Carry the Good luck Charm with you

Superstitions, which primarily exist in most of our lives, shape our choices. These superstitions lead us towards choosing some specific stones which, according to us, will have a positive impact on our lives. We believe that there are some stones which bear good fortune for us. On the other hand, for us, there are some other stones that carry the hard times and negativity in our lives. Since the wedding or marriage is a lifetime commitment, people try their best to make such choices which could have a positive and better impact on their lives. For this purpose they try to think a lot about the stone for their wedding ring which will remain with them for the rest of their lives. Since ring is the thing that marks the proper execution of the marriage, people wish to have such stones in it which would be fortunate for their lives.

Now the question arises about the factors which decide whether a stone is lucky for the people or not. There are different concepts that deem a stone lucky or unlucky for the people. Sapphire is liked by many people who have the religious inclination and whose thinking is very much influenced by religious indoctrination. The reason is that the Sapphire has been mentioned by God in His Book Bible. This enhances the spiritual and sacred significance of Sapphire. It is due to this reason that many people try to get Sapphire in their wedding rings. This is the most convincing factor for them to decide on the Sapphire in their rings. The reason is the people’s firm belief in the sanctity of anything that appears in the religious scriptures.Rich-royal-blue-natural-sapphire-and-diamonds-ring

Spend the money so that everybody knows

Another important reason behind choosing the Sapphire ring for the wedding is the most expensive value that is attached to it. Weddings, now-a-days have become more of a competitive function than just the celebration of joy and happiness. Many people attend the wedding just to make an estimate of the amount that is spent by the family members. This is because of the capitalistic and consumer approach that has encompassed us in our choices. These weddings have become the events to boast off the luxuries and the wealthy people have and the open-heartedness with which they spend it on their functions. This bragging can be seen in the choice of the dressing, jewelry and other arrangements made by the organizer family.

The main reason is to look better than the rest in terms of the quality of the wedding function. The ring is much sought-for-thing by all the people attending the function and to be more specific for the closest relatives. Therefore, intense care is taken in buying the wedding rings. When the purpose is to brag and show off the wealth people have, they buy the most expensive of the rings for their better halves. Sapphire rings are, without any doubt, due to their delicacy, the most expensive of the wedding rings. It is because of the value of the Sapphire that is engraved in the ring.

However, this element of boasting is not the case in every wedding. In some cases, even the richest people buy the expensive ring with the intention of expressing their love for their better halves. The aim in buying such rings is to show to their partners the unmatched value and importance. The principle is to show that the other partner is more important than all the expensive things. Many people try to be very unique in their expression of love for their partners. The desire to seem different and unique plays a vital role in buying the things which otherwise people do not buy. This is one of so many ways of showing love and affection to the partners. In some cases, this choice is made by the demand from the other partners. It has been seen in some marriages that the marrying couples shop together for their wedding which leads to the selection of items on each other’s choice. Since both couples try to impress and value each other at that time, their choices are generally accepted by each other. This is also done to convey the message that if a partner can buy such an expensive thing for the other, he/she will remain completely faithful towards the other partner without any condition for getting something in return. This is also a gesture to prove to the partners their worth in their lives. Since marriage is the relationship that mostly lasts till the end of life, such gestures are generally considered very much impressive to show each other the prospects of a happy and better life to come.

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