Sapphire Engagement Ring Versus Diamond Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is a significant gift that symbolizes everything you ever desired, and marks the most momentous occasion in your life. While diamonds are no doubt the most prevalent choice among stones when it comes to engagement rings, you’ll be surprised how many wives-to-be choose the alluring sapphire.

Consequently, both stones have their pros and cons, and most of the time the choice simply comes down to personal preference.

Ceylon Sapphire Ring

Sapphire or Diamond – which stone makes the finest engagement ring?

There is no doubt that the brilliance of diamond and its capacity to refract light is no match for any other jewel. On the other hand, sapphires is all about brilliance, class and affordability. Although the stone is mainly known for its cavernous, deep-sea blue shade, it offers a very diverse palette for a wide variety of engagement ring options. The most common colors other than blue are green, pink, peach, purple, yellow, and yes, even white, which would be a prudent choice if you prefer to lean towards the tasteful, versatile aspect of a diamond engagement ring.

As long as the sapphire you choose is a natural sapphire the value will always remain high & this why whatever engagement ring you choose always insist on a GIA report to confirm either the diamond or sapphire is a natural stone. you will be surprised how many diamonds & sapphires are not true natural gems the GIA will give you both peace of mind.

If, however, you want the best of both worlds, you can have a ring ordered with sapphire as the focus stone and combine it with a micro pave diamond band. If you are worried about the ring not matching with your wedding day outfits, picking a white sapphire or any other neutral tone such as peach, pale pink and light yellow, along with rose gold as the basic metal choice for your ring ensures jaw-dropping combination with literally any attire.

Buying quality Sapphire for your engagement ring is a breeze

Unlike some other gemstones, determining the worth of Sapphire is very straightforward procedure. You only need to look at the color of the stone and whether the gemstone has been artificially enhanced through processes such as deep diffusion, surface diffusion, beryllium synthesis and so on. While these processes may provide the stone with a more rich color profile, it takes away from its worth as a gemstone compared to untreated or natural heat treated Sapphire.

So how do you find out if the gem you are considering has been tampered with or not? You look at its GIA report, which along with AGL, is one of the only two laboratories in America equipped with the precise tools needed to carry out such a test.

The final verdict on which stone to choose?

If you are entirely about the oomph and gleam, in addition, If you have been fantasizing of a diamond engagement ring all your lifetime, then obviously, nothing else will do. Though, if idea of standing out from the bunch appeals to you, go for Sapphire. At the end of the day, the needs and desires for engagement rings differ greatly from individual to individual, so you can see how your personal opinion will impact the buying procedure.

Generally, picking an engagement ring is an exhilarating and delightful occasion to grow closer as a couple. It marks a momentous period in your life from where you can look back and see at how far you’ve come, as well as look forward enthusiastically towards the future.

If you’re looking for exclusive sparkle with color and uniqueness. A sapphire ring will make a statement. Also, if you’re looking for a bigger stone for your money, then swapping from diamonds to sapphire is an ideal deal.

To conclude, think of an engagement ring as something that your fiance will wear everyday. If you pick a ring that’s too out of the ordinary, it may look too out of fashion in a few years. This is why standard designs are the best. A navy-blue sapphire in a definitive setting, for example, is an everlasting choice that you cannot go wrong with!

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