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“What you need to know before buying Natural Sapphire Ring”

What you need to know before buying Natural Sapphire Ring

I recently had the pleasure of buying a natural sapphire engagement ring, and while the purchase itself was fairly straightforward, thanks to the helpful and extremely professional folks at Sapphire Rings Co, the process of educating myself about natural sapphires and all that they entail is something I believe everyone should go through in orderRead More



Which one should you choose for your ring? It is said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but for those looking for a more economical alternative that looks just as regal, sapphires rings have been a popular choice for a long time. Designated as a birthstone for September, the rarity of this stone hasRead More

Should you buy untreated sapphire or heated sapphire?

When shopping for sapphires, you will come across stones that are either natural or have undergone heat treatment in order to improve the color of the gemstone. This practice dates back many centuries and has been widely accepted in the global market for its affordability and the stability of the method for achieving results.  Read More

Sapphire Engagement Ring Versus Diamond Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is a significant gift that symbolizes everything you ever desired, and marks the most momentous occasion in your life. While diamonds are no doubt the most prevalent choice among stones when it comes to engagement rings, you’ll be surprised how many wives-to-be choose the alluring sapphire. Consequently, both stones have their prosRead More

Everything you need to know about Ceylon Sapphires

Blue vivid sapphire

The Island of Sri Lanka formally known as Ceylon sits off the southern tip of India surrounded by the Indian Ocean. Early explorers from around the world once designated this place as the jewelry box of India due to the high-quality gemstones found throughout this island. Sri Lanka has stunning beauty from the beaches toRead More

Buying An Engagement Ring – How Much Should You Spend?

Blue sapphire and diamond ring

One of the first questions that pop into the head of anyone who is thinking of proposing to their beloved is: How much should I spend on the engagement ring? The most common answer you will hear from people is “worth two months of your salary”, but as someone who has sold thousands of naturalRead More