Why is Platinum More Expensive than Gold? Platinum Sapphire Engagement Rings


Even though pure gold is more expensive today than platinum per gram platinum for jewelry making is higher. Platinum weight is around 30% heavier than gold which is why it’s important to look at the weight of the sapphire engagement ring over gold weight for the same ring design.

Many companies will create two rings which look the same, one in say platinum with the second in gold, with the platinum ring even though the ring looks the same many of these ring carry no gallery and sometimes a hollow ring shank so the weight of each ring is the same, the quickest way to know if the platinum wedding ring is made properly is ask for the weight, if it’s the same as gold then you know the overall quality of the ring is probably not that high, with platinum approx. 30% heavier than gold the platinum ring should always be heavier if your comparing two rings in the same design. 

All of our custom sapphires rings, whether its platinum or gold, are solid with a full custom gallery tailored made for each sapphire and can be seen in the weight when comparing two rings alike.

Below is an underneath view of one of our Platinum Sapphires Rings with a solid shank and custom-made gallery.

Why is Platinum More Expensive than Gold ? “Platinum Sapphire Engagement Rings”

As an example, here we show two identical sapphire wedding bands, one in 18kt gold set with natural yellow sapphires, the second in platinum 950 which the majority of our Ceylon sapphires are set in. Even though both wedding bands are identical ring size, width, and depth the platinum band weight is approximately 7 grams in weight compared with the 18 kt gold band which is 5 grams for the same ring design.

Both rings below are the same ring size, width and depth with the blue sapphire wedding band in platinum 950 and the yellow sapphire wedding band in 18kt white gold.

 18kt Yellow Natural Sapphire Band
18kt Yellow Natural Sapphire Band


Another reason Platinum is higher than gold.

Platinum is also harder to work with especially for custom jewelry making, with a melting point just over 3200 degrees nearly double the heat needed for gold, because of this platinum jewelry can be nearly double the price compared to 18kt gold & because of this platinum jewelry is almost always more expensive to create.

Platinum Sapphire Ring, Custom Made Set with 6.67 ct Asscher Cut Natural Sapphire GIA Certified


I hope this makes sense, if you have any questions on this subject please contact us it’s a question asked a lot especially today with platinum prices lower than gold which is rare.

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