How to get engaged with Coronavirus in 2020

The traditional ways of having an engagement or popping the question to your future wife here in the USA are traditionally through big family gatherings with surprise parties or at a romantic restaurants. However, with Covid19  not only affecting everyone here in the US but the whole world with lockdowns extending till the end of May, both family gatherings and restaurants proposals are out of the question in many US states.
In times like these, many of our customers are coming up with out of the box ideas for having an engagement ceremony. Lets take a look at a few ideas to beat Corona-virus lockdown and have the time of your lives while being stuck at home to come of with both romantic and memorable ways to propose your future wife will not forget.
How to get engaged Coronavirus


From the feedback by our customers who bough our Natural sapphire engagement rings over the last few months this private dinner for two outside in a romantic park, wildlife reserve, beach or even by your favorite lake or river has been the number 1 option, it’s both adventurous and romantic as well as private with a little planning it can be both one of the best ways to get engaged with just you and your future fiancé.
With restrictions in place in most US states still don’t allow for large gathering but after you have popped the question using Face-time or Zoom with your family and friends is easier today than ever before sharing live video of you both – just engaged.

One piece of advice is to check the weather before and it’s worth always worth going to the spot you have in mind a few days before so the magic day your proposal will go flawlessly.Engaged with Natural Sapphire Ring



Who does’t love receiving a hand-written note in the mail? Craft a note yourself, or search online to find a local calligrapher who can help you design something beautiful together. We’re sure that when your love note arrives your special someone will be smitten, and you will have a gorgeous keepsake to share with your family & friends when lockdown ends!


If you’ve been putting your culinary skills to the test over the past few weeks, this is a great way to show them off and create a memorable night out. Dress up in your finest suit, serve your favorite meal, and choose the perfect moment to pop the question.

If you not sure on what to cook there are fresh dinners you can have delivered with cooking instructions by companies like Blue Apron who offer wide selection of meals to choose from and all the produce you need to create a one off custom candle lit meal for two, we added a link to view.



Virtual coffees and cocktails with friends and family are keeping us going right now, so why not bring them in on the secret and organize a virtual flash mob to help you pop the question? Such a fun way to involve your loved ones in your celebrations from afar!


The romance here we come! Is your loved one feeling a little stressed out? Order rose petals to-go or for home delivery. Warm-up a bath with rose petals or their favorite bath bomb for the two of you along with a bottle of her favorite wine or Champagne set a perfect setting. When the moment feels right, pull out the ring from behind the shampoo bottle. They’ll never see it coming! Just make sure the ring doesn’t fall into the drain! That will definitely be a bad start to a surprise proposal..A ROSE PETAL BATH BOMB BATH


Maybe this sounds cheesy, but it will be super cute I promise! It may require you to stay up late one night to get everything together without them seeing it. But trust me, it will be worth it! Seeing those special moments on tv of your best moments, whether its your first road trip together, your first vacation, or anything in between. Use programs such as iMovie for iPhones and iPods, or any app in the App Store to create your compilation.

Towards the end of the video, make a slide with text saying, close your eyes! Then crack open that box and propose! Let them know that this is just the beginning and that your excited to go on more trips together as newlyweds. How can they say no to that?

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I hope this information gives you some ideas, love to have your feedback if you have proposed over the last few months or plan to.

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